Gallbladder Stone

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]Gallbladder stone:
Gallbladder stones are very common. This is one of those diseases which are accidentally discovered, you casually go for an ultrasound for something else and the doctor tells you that you have a gallbladder stone. We get a lot of people who have just been diagnosed with gallbladder stones, asking us if we can help them.

How common is Gallbladder stone?
Around, 6% of people suffer from gallbladder stones in World.

Symptoms of Gallbladder stone:
Most people have gastric troubles like bloating of the abdomen, gases, nausea, occasional pain, and discomfort.

The gallbladder has a purpose in the body, it is very essential for digestion. Once you remove the gallbladder, most people end up having gastric troubles.

Allopathic approach:
Once it is diagnosed, you are worried because a stone is a stone.

You go to the doctor, he says you have to get it removed or else the stone might get stuck and cause pain, jaundice, and a lot of complications. You fall for it, and you get it removed.

Most people with gallbladder stones are accidentally diagnosed. Why do you want to go for surgery when it is an accidental diagnosis? Why can you not go for conservative treatment? There are millions of people with gallbladder stones who are not aware of it because they do not get it investigated.

Homeopathic approach:
Gallbladder stones are of various sizes, if the stone size is huge, around 20mm, then it becomes a little difficult as it can block the passage and cause jaundice, pain, and discomfort. But anything less than that, homeopathy can take care of it. I am not saying gallbladder stone goes away like kidney stones, in my experience, kidney stones disappear very fast compared to gallbladder stones.

With homeopathic medicines, we stop further increase in the size of the stones. If the stone is about 6mm or 8 mm, it keeps moving in and out of the gallbladder and if you are able to maintain it at that level, it will not harm you.

After 3 to 6 months of our medication, we get another ultrasound done and if it is the same size, it means we have been able to arrest the growth of the stone, you can live with it for the rest of your life, it will not cause any problem.

Homeopathic medication stops further increase in the size of the stone, there are many cases where the stone has disappeared also but I am looking at stopping any further growth of the stones, if we can stop the growth of the stone, it will not cause any harm and it is a safer option rather than going for surgery.

What happens when you leave it alone?
(If left alone, gallbladder stone keeps increasing in size, once they are big enough they get stuck and cause jaundice, pain, and discomfort.)

Diet restrictions:
Stay away from milk and milk products because most people with gallbladder stones have digestive issues like bloating, gases, occasional pain, and discomfort which can aggravate due to dairy products.

What would I do if I was in your place?
I would for sure not start allopathic medications or go for surgery. I know that I am not risking anything by giving Homeopathy around 6 months to try and get rid of gastric complaints and stones. If I had no symptoms, I would definitely not go for surgery, I would rather live with my gallbladder stone for the rest of the life, if it starts troubling, I would definitely give homeopathy a try first, for at least about three to six months.

Trust me, nothing is going to happen to you in these three to six months’ time. But if these medicines can help you stop further growth in the stone size and avoid surgery for the rest of your life, isn’t it worth giving it a try?

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