My PMS is gone, Can’t believe try Dr. Hussain Kaisrani – A Review and Feedback

Pre-Menstrual Syndrome (PMS) is a very well known phenomenon almost every woman passes through. I have also been the victim of this PMS since last 8 years and by every passing year the occurrence and duration of the symptoms of PMS were getting a hype. Though PMS was having least effects on me physically but it was overwhelming me emotionally and mentally. It simply started with mild irritation and reached up to extreme anxiety and depression. Getting irritated and depressed, making shouts, crying for no reason, difficulty in sleep, laziness and severe mood swings a week before my periods are due became the part of my life. With the passage of time the anxiety and depression started staying longer even after the periods are done. My productivity and ability to think and remember in these days also was damaging many folds as well as overthinking and negative thinking were also common during these days. All these problems were making me feel like an unbearable person for those in surrounding me. The change in my mental condition also affected my menstrual cycle and I started facing problem like delayed periods, change in quantity and the texture of blood during my menses. I have accepted it as a part of my life until I started Homeopathic treatment from a Psychotherapist from Lahore, Dr. Hussain Kaisrani.

After 3 months of treatment, that included Psychotherapy along with medicine, I felt a big change in me and my menstrual system. My menses improved in terms of color, texture, flow and regularity. As my menstrual cycle improved my PMS started losing its pace and now I do not have any trace of PMS before or after my periods. All the physical pains associated with my special days as well as the mental and psychological problems got settled. I feel myself fresh and free of any anxiety, depression or mood swings now and hope to continue with this ease for the rest of my life even when I stop medicine and therapy.

It may seem unusual but a change in my menstrual system also helped me in my profession; as a writer I find myself more creative and productive. My writing skills improved and my genre changed from tragedy to humor and I enjoy it. It’s because of the therapy sessions and medicines of Dr. Hussain Kaisrani or the absence of PMS, can’t specify the root of change but the change is.  For me PMS is not Pre-Menstrual Syndrome anymore but Psychologically Manageable Syndrome.


Hussain Kaisrani – Psychotherapist & Homeopathic Consultant – Lahore Pakistan. Phone 03002000210


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Hussain Kaisrani

Hussain Kaisrani (aka Ahmad Hussain) is a distinguished Psychotherapist & Chief Consultant at Homeopathic Consultancy, Lahore, Learn More

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