Our topic of discussion today revolves around the great polycrest remedy Phosphorus.

As a reminder to my patrons, my exposés upon remedies are an exclusive effort to help cater those individuals who are looking for solutions for children who have been diagnosed to have an Autistic Spectrum disorder, and for whom they may either be wanting more than what the conventional medical treatment can offer or they have failed to find any satisfactory solutions at all.

Having said that, this rendering will be found just as useful for persons of all ages who can relate to the constitutional traits that are characteristic of the remedy being discussed, and just like the remedy can be used to help treat children, it can very well help treat adults too.

Another important aspect for individuals to comprehend is while going through this description they shall recognize two facets of the remedy, one shows how an individual behaves in a relative state of health while the other one shows how he feels during a depleted state of health. The identification of the constitution (the innate nature) coupled with the current pathological symptoms he or she is displaying will give us the crucial information needed to help achieve the best possible treatment plan for the ailment.

Now let’s start with the mind of the Phosphorus child.

Constitutionally this child is very open, as if he comes without any packaging, with no inhibitions, he can very easily communicate and connect with other people. The openness they exhibit leaves a mark wherever they go, highly impressing other people around them. In homeopathic literature the masters have called these individuals to be zoo magnetic, persons who have the ability to attract others to them while in return they will also be easily impressed by their surroundings and absorb its effect to their core.They tend to magnetize others while they are also easily magnetized to others.

They possess great communication skills, which helps them socialize well and get their point of view across. At the core of these traits is a well developed imaginative faculty along side the extroverted attitude. Bundled together, this helps them to have amazing verbal and nonverbal communication. The nonverbal communication being apparent in their love for physical contact, homeopathic literature says they love being rubbed, it comforts them highly. They shall love being hugged, kissed and caressed. They love returning affection in that manner too. A phosphorus child can thus be very easily soothed with a physical reassurance like a hug, although they may also be easily reassured by soothing words and conversations. For instance, a phosphorus child will be in her own world happily playing in her playroom when all of a sudden she will realize she hasn’t seen her mother for a while. She will anxiously start looking around the house and calling out for her mother who may be in the kitchen doing her chores and upon hearing the child the mother will answer her call. This answer to the child’s call shall instantly take away all those horrors that in this short while may have developed in her highly imaginative mind!

Vocal and expressive, their feelings flow easily without restraints inwards and outwards. They will easily become favorites at home or school, they will be the ones sending greeting cards to show love and affection to everyone around them. Their openness also makes them very receptive and suggestible individuals, easily convinced without much resistance. They also adapt very easily to all situations making them amicable, lovable, and easy to get along with.

An interesting trait is that they are very helpful to others, but they also know how to get help for themselves in return by cleverly manipulating the situation to their own benefit. In homeopathic literature, the mind rubric used is borrowing from everyone, which points to their ability to maneuver and be able to get what they want while also adapting to a situation when it calls for it without making a fuss about it.

Boundaries hold, little to no sense, for these individuals. Their vast imaginations perhaps muddle the real with the unreal, so they may be seen making up situations and stories. Their stories are weaved with truths and partial truths only to acquire a desired effect, which for them is the innate need to simply attract others to themselves, and this may come across pretentious at times. But owing to their lovable personalities they easily get away with these little white lies, while still maintaining their repertoire!

Although also owing to this unfettered imagination they may very strangely have the ability to be clairvoyant, and they shall correctly predict future incidents! I recall an incident where the child of a patient of mine correctly predicted the death of his neighbor. As surprising as it was for the parents to have witnessed, the incident did really take place, but it also left the child in a state of disturbance, which we shall discuss shortly as to how their highly impressionable personalities may be easily affected by such emotionally disturbing incidents.

These mindful individuals observe intently and adapt accordingly. They are vigilant and attentive, for example parents will notice that if they are in a room seemingly absorbed in their own activity they shall very well also have their attention upon everything else that goes on around them. And to the surprise of the parents, they will do and say things, regarding a particular incident that the parents could never have guessed their child could have overheard and also retained it so that they are able to recall it with much clarity at a later time. This may also mean that these children will end up saying things that will embarrass the parents at times because their diffusive nature impels them to over share inappropriately getting them in trouble at times. But even then these little sleuths have their clever ways to help them avoid trouble, by maneuvering the situation in a manner that presents them rather as the victims, gaining sympathy in return instead of being reprimanded.

To summarize, these children are of the ideal kind when in health, they are creative, lovable, and very easy going, but when adversely affected by external factors they begin developing a regressive state of health that makes the same traits that otherwise used to enhance their personality into negative aspects of their characters!

When the phosphorus child begins feeling sick, they shall express that inner disturbance in the following different ways:

The child shall start becoming extremely anxious, jumpy, overtly concerned and worried about things without any substantial cause resulting in their day-to-day routine to be highly disturbed. This can be connected to their ability to imagine without bounds, which becomes a bane when their vital force is negatively affected in some way.

These children have fears as most children do but when disturbed these fears will become accentuated like that of the dark, or of being alone, so that putting a phosphorus child to sleep shall become almost impossible because they cannot let go of a parents arm while going to sleep. They shall wake up in shrieks if they sense the parent has left them by their selves. They become overtly afraid of the dark so that they will not budged to be sent to a dark room for any reason by themselves and they will create a great fuss over it if forced to do so.

Naturally these kids will really enjoy the rain, but if there is lightning and thunderstorm, that will highly disturb them, they will fear it because it creates restlessness within them triggering their anxieties, again this is more emphasized if the child is already feeling sick.

They can garner a great anxiety about health, especially for those whom they love, like their parents. If something adverse were to happen to their near and dear ones, it will make them extremely disturbed, since they can imagine the worst possible outcomes. The disturbance we talked about earlier, where the child predicts the death of a neighbour correctly, could become an anxiety that he develops for his parents perhaps. One can perhaps imagine how disturbing it would become for a child to have such outrageous thoughts hounding his overactive imagination.

Now on the other hand if we look at the physical traits, a phosphorus constitution loves drinking cold water or even love eating ice. They will love desserts that are chilled or refreshing cold juices. They like eating all kinds of foods but especially sour, salty, and highly seasoned items. But their digestive systems get disturbed easily when they eat these things that they have a craving for, pointing to their constitutional expression if they are feeling unwell.

They can also develop colds very easily that can get complicated into pneumonia if not treated promptly, perhaps owing to the tubercular diatheses. They may develop swollen glands, and the coughs will last a long time too. While coughing they shall hold their chests, because it pains them to cough. A slight change of weather will affect them and bring on a cold easily, so they are seen to have recurring cold symptoms. They also develop sore throats, which again may be triggered by their craving to drink really cold beverages or eating sour foods.

Sleep revives these kids, they will always feel better after a good sleep, but they do have an aversion to sleeping on their left sides, it seems to make them uncomfortable. They also do not like the evening time and tend to get gloomy during those hours, which again could be exaggerated while a sickness is underway.

They have a strange tendency to feel nauseated upon immersing their hands in warm water, yet they like taking warm showers, the warm water on their heads soothes them. They are naturally chilly and like to stay warm but they also seem to like cold applications in some instances.

They may hemorrhage easily, so nose bleeds, bleeding from the gums, or small cuts that shall bleed profusely may be a frequent feature.

To get an idea one could perhaps liken these effervescent individuals to a perfume that has an effortless affect upon others so its presence is felt by all, yet they also have that deteriorative quality of the perfume which can be easily contaminated if it is exposed to an unsuitable environment. Just so the troubles of these children are noticeably exacerbated if their external environment is troubling them, and they begin developing pathology on the physical and emotional level.

In my experience children that have a Phosphorus constitution may develop autistic traits when certain emotionally disturbing situations impact their lives because of their easy tendency to absorb more than other children will. For instance, a phosphorus child will be highly disturbed if he has to change schools from where he was very comfortable to a new environment, or even if he is beginning school for the first time which means he must leave his home, his comfort zone, for that. This child will then be seen crying, wailing and begging to not go to school because this new environment is a cause of great disturbance within him. Or if he had to leave those he loved to move to another city, it may impact the child more than the parents can realize and the child shall start showing some form of sickness. Their anxieties about those they love shall make them fall sick. These children love to love, to receive love and appreciation in return, if they feel they aren’t being appreciated in some way, then again they shall develop symptoms. And these symptoms that they develop can be easily prescribed for in a homeopathic treatment once the constitution is recognized early on during this disturbance. But when this condition is left to fester, it is only then that it penetrates deeper into the economy and the child shall then display more serious symptoms that will need time and patience to overcome. Generally I will prescribe Phosphorus in 1M potency to take care of simple emotional setbacks in children whose immune systems are still strong. But those children with compromised immune systems may take some time to normalize.

So as a homeopathic practitioner, it is important for me to understand these original traits in children to be able to truly help them. And as mentioned before, this process may take time given the complicated nature of a case, but the results are phenomenal when the parents are also able to grasp the real cause of their child’s ailment. I hope my attempt to explain these traits will help individuals develop a new perspective of understanding disease and cure.

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Neha Shuridkar India
Neha Shuridkar India
1 month ago

What a wonderful presentation of Homeopathy remedy Phosphorus.
Never had an idea how vast its indication is.
Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, Physical and behavioural issues of children are so nicely covered in your videos on Youtube and posts.
Please keep presenting in English as this kind of compact work is not available online.
Thank you Dr. Hussain Kaisrani.

19 days ago

My 6 year daughter is Autistic. Suggest medicine for Autism ADHD plz

Hussain Kaisrani

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