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Articles from: January 2009

Homeopathic Rubrics of spring season from all the major repertories – Dr Devendra Pal Singh

I have collected rubrics of spring season from all the major repertories. And I wish you all study them deeply. So that when patient comes to you in this season with complaint of dysentery so you better be prepared that you have to consider kali. bi. Now we all are familiar with spring coryza of allium.cepa, and autmnal dysentery of colchicum. we must think why season used as a symptom by our stalwarts, !!!!Because in both clinical and drug proving they found affinity of certain drugs towards particular seasons with associated complaint. For eg vertigo in spring season apis is only medicine. In this season you will have complaints of both acute and chronic like vertigo, asthma, cough, skin eruptions, coryza, dysentery, fever, toothache, facial neuralgia, diarrhea, hoarseness of voice, weakness, stomach ulcers, rheumatism and many more. I give a case example, a chronic patient of asthma ive tried everything but failed ars, nat.s, tub, sambucus but last year he presented with dysentery in spring season and what happened was after dysentery was gone and also the asthma.  Some times acute phase demands the medicine of inner vitality which will lead to cure.  Some read more [...]

The Essence of Materia Medica: George Vithoulkas

  Aethusa cynapium (aeth.) The chronic type Individuals who feel apart. Strong emotions but do not express them easily. Moved to tears but do not actually cry - emotions felt inside (Unlike Ignatia - moved to tears but constricted at throat so doesn't cry). Own emotional world - very intense. Live happily by themselves, but also enjoy company. Talk to themselves. Sleep Intensity comes out in sleep - sleepwalks. Deep sleep on either left or right side. Salivate during sleep. "FEAR of closing eyes lest should never wake". - Kent. Agg. darkness - do not like darkness - fear will not wake up again. Feel as if suffocating from darkness - have to open window (Lachesis, Grindelia). Cannot control the breathing - have to get up, (Ignatia - fear will never sleep again). Fear of not waking up after an operation. Extra notes Crazy for animals, cats and dogs etc - look after them with unnatural passion. Talk to animals when don't talk to people. Great irritability. P.M. T. - tremendous build up, headache, feel rotten two days before and days 1 and 2, then relax and libido increases immediately after menses. - Fear of losing a loved one is unbearable. Sudden redness read more [...]
About - Hussain Kaisrani

Hussain Kaisrani, The chief consultant and director at Homeopathic Consultancy, Lahore is highly educated, writer and a blogger He has done his B.Sc and then Masters in Philosophy, Urdu, Pol. Science and Persian from the University of Punjab. Studied DHMS in Noor Memorial Homeopathic College, Lahore and is a registered Homeopathic practitioner from National Council of Homeopathy, Islamabad He did his MBA (Marketing and Management) from The International University. He is working as a General Manager in a Publishing and printing company since 1992. Mr Hussain went to UK for higher education and done his MS in Strategic Management from University of Wales, UK...
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