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Articles from: March 2012

Comparative Homeopathic Materia Medica of Lesser Known Medicines for Destructive Aggression (Saptarshi Banerjea)

TYPES OF AGGRESSIVE BEHAVIOUR:        Defensive : Angry response to a threat or provocation        Proactive: Premeditated with an end goal in mind        Impulsive: Out of proportion to the social context. CAUSES OF DESTRUCTIVE AGGRESSION: CAUSE                    CHANCES OF VIOLENCE IN PTS. SUFFERING Drug  Dependance: Eg. Cocaine, Heroin    87.3   % Alcohol Dependance                                    70% Schizophrenia                                               60.9% Major Depression                                          33.3% Bipolar Disorder                                           22% Oppostional Defiant Disorder                     16.8% RUBRICS FOR AGGRESSION ABUSIVE – angry, without being: (1) dulc. ABUSIVE- pains, with the: (1) cor-r. ABUSIVE- scolds until the lips are blue and eyes stare and she falls down fainting:  Mosch. BARKING: (4) Bell,.calc,.Canth., stram. BITING- convulsions, with: read more [...]
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