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A Solved Case of Gallstones and Gallbladder pain – Homeopathic Treatment by Hussain Kaisrani

Mr Muhammad Imtiaz (he requested to disclose his identity), age 45 years, resident of Lahore, printer and publisher by profession, was known case of GALLSTONES / cholelithiasis / choledocholethiasis when (in April 2016) he came along for purpose of seeking relief from an acute exacerbation of his prolonged chronic gall bladder related issues. He was actively taking treatment from last two years when he showed up. This patient had a very significant and long journey of diagnostic and therapeutic interventions (both invasive and non-invasive) and a long series of lab tests which needs a detailed review.


Detailed history of presenting illness

He has always been in good state of health with no major complaints / pains when back in 2013 he started feeling pain in right hypochondrium which occurred on and off initially. Then frequency of attacks increased with the passage of time. The pain was sudden in onset, severe in intensity, radiated to stomach and also to the back side along with rib cage. The attack of pain was usually followed by ingestion of fatty / oily / fried meals. The magnitude of pain used to raise to the point where he needed to see doctor on emergency basis and pain used to relieve by medication, pain killer injections followed by oral medication / tablets for a few days. The pain was associated with nausea, vomiting, anorexia and inability to lay down due to severity of pain. The symptoms mostly showed aggravation during the night.



This patient had a very frustrating and tough journey which included repeated and multiple lab tests on frequent basis. Here is a brief review of his two years series of tests and intervention.

  1. He underwent Liver Function Tests (LFTs) on 12th March, 2015 which turned out to be deranged followed by an ultrasound on 13th march, 2015 (the scan showed gallstones in gallbladder with over all impression of CHOLELITHIASIS and CHOLEDOCHOLETHIASIS
  2. His problem aggravated on 24th March, 2015 and LFT’s showed obstructive jaundice. He remained hospitalised for 20 days in total and meanwhile he was unable to take any solid food due to vomiting though no pain. Urine was dark in colour and stool was pale / white in colour during this duration.
  3. He underwent MRCP on 25th March, 2015 which confirmed gallstones and stone in Bile Duct
  4. ERCP was done on 31st March, 2015 (sphincterotomy and stone extraction was done. He was discharged after one day and for the time being he was recovered.
  5. He deteriorated again in middle of March and LFTs showed derangement on 17th April, 2015 again.
  6. On 10th October, 2015 again ultrasound was done which showed gallstones and stone in bile duct.
  7. ERCP was performed on 31st November, 2015. Again stone extraction was done and it gave temporary relief to patient.
  8. On 28th December, 2015 again LFTs showed derangement and ultrasound scan was repeated.
  9. Two more ultrasounds were done on 4th and 5th January, 2016.
  10. He underwent his second MRCP on 9th April, 2016.
  11. He was counselled about gall bladder removal as long term management after settling of active complaints.
  12. His symptoms aggravated again. He was scheduled for 3rd ERCP.




3 days before his due ERCP, Mr Imtiaz showed up because he wanted some temporary relief which would help him pass three days till his scheduled procedure. He was unable to take any solid food, strongly anorexic, only on fluids / liquid diet, that too was being vomited mostly. He was unable to sit comfortably due to severity of pain. A detailed case taking interview was conducted with him.


After detailed case taking, taking into account all the history, symptoms, exacerbation, following the whole course of complaint from the start till the date, correlating and understanding the issue he was prescribed CHELIDONIUM MAJUS 30 along with recommendation for use of (Virgin Olive Oil and lemon juice). He was followed for any upcoming changes and his feedback was incredible and surprising. He showed a speedy and sustained recovery and no relapse of problem is reported till date (February 20, 2018) – Ma Sha Allah!


The outcome was remarkably excellent. His symptoms relieved gradually in 3 days and his ULTRASOUND BECAME CLEAR in a matter of 2 weeks (the detail is reproduced in Mr Imtiaz’s feedback).


Past Medical History

Dengue (two times), Pertussis, Allergy (runny nose, sneezing), non-diabetic, normotensive, burning after passing urine, tingling sensation of upper side of left foot, feeling of dizziness on getting up from bed


Family History

Diabetes and hypertension (mother), heart disease (brother), diabetes (sister), stroke (brother)


Personal History

Smoker (30 years), normal appetite and thirst, loud snoring, sleep disturbance


Emotional Aspect

Sensitive, anxiety prone person but with overall solution oriented approach


Phobia and Fears

Heights, Water and River



Salty and Spicy Foods



No major aversions, non-selective regarding eating habits, likes fruits, chicken, eggs


Disturbance of sleep cycle, runny nose, sneezing and nasal blockage



This patient remained in trouble for so long and had such an agonising history that he was so enthusiastic and concerned regarding feedback. He wanted his gratitude to be documented in his own words which is as follows:

“My course of disease and treatment was extremely painful both physically and mentally. When I underwent ERCP, I felt like being slaughtered. I went to hospitals multiple times, underwent so many tests and ultrasounds but my problem was not relieved by anything. Even if it relieved for a while, it always came back again after a few days. I was sick of all the tests and investigations being done frequently. When I went to discuss my case with Hussain Kaisrani sahib, my ERCP was scheduled and 3 days were remaining in procedure and it was difficult for me to manage my situation.

He listened to everything in detail carefully and prescribed me just a single homeopathic medicine. I took the medicine.

I was having no appetite in days and days and even if I tried to eat something I was having so much vomiting so nothing stayed in my stomach. I was solely on liquids. I went to a lunch on that weekend (two days after taking medicine) and was very afraid of eating anything. On being insisted by a friend, I ate half chapati and started waiting that now I will vomit it but to my surprise, it stayed. I was so happy that I ate half more. It also wasn’t vomited and I cannot describe my happiness of being able to eat all over again after so many days. To me, it was a miracle that such a prolonged and disturbing problem settled down merely by ONE medicine. My problem was relieved merely in 3 days and it was totally unbelievable for me.

I am totally symptom free regarding gall bladder uptill now. I was even more shocked when I underwent ultrasound and no gallstones were detected on scan. I got rid of the cocktail of allopathic medicines which I was using for a long time. Those medicine got expired but I never have to use it again. Futhermore, By the Grace of Allah, I never needed to visit some doctor after that.

Mr Hussain is a very authentic and able homeopathic doctor as well as a sincere and selfless person. I owe my life to him because I was in so much misery when I consulted him for treatment. I think after Allah’s mercy, I am alive today because of his timely help and treatment. I am very peaceful and glad to get rid of all the medicines now.

I still take homeopathic treatment – as and when needed – for acute issues but Alhumdu Lillah I never had gall bladder issue again. I want to pay gratitude from the core of my heart”.  (Translated)



پِتے کا درد اور پتے کی پتھری – کامیاب ہومیوپیتھک علاج پر فیڈبیک – محمد امتیاز لاہور

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