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Medical Doctor’s Feedback: Migraine Permanently Cured – Homeopathic Treatment by Hussain Kaisrani

Migraine is such a debilitating condition … which spoils your routine, energy and skills .. I was once a sufferer of this disease.. I tried every allopathic treatment, yoga exercises and herbal products but everything seemed to increase my problem.. but then i took treatment from homeopathic dr Hussain Qaisrani .. it surprisingly, amazingly my migraine disappeared in few days.. and after a long long time I enjoyed a normal life.. special special thanks to Homeopathic Dr Hussain Qaisrani for bringing me back to normal life.. and now it has been 6 months and i did not have even a single episode of migraine again..

Alhamdolillah .. even though the stress and trigger factors are not fully gone yet i am pain free; as far as headache / Migraine is concerned.

I am very happy with your way of treatment. You give importance to those issues which i have been ignoring for long, they have made life miserable, i was not even aware of them and no physician pays any attention to them.. thanx a lot.

I also referred few other cases of migraine and other health issues from my medical doctors community to Dr Hussain. I am happy to learn that their issues got cured so nicely.

Me and my family’s experience of treatment from Dr Hussain is really amazing. During case taking he considers and tries to eradicate all possible reasons and factors behind some issue.

(Review After 6 months)

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