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PLATINUM METALLICUM (Plat.) پلاٹینا پلاٹینم میٹالیکم – Keynotes Derived from Homeopathic Materia Medica VIVA


PLATINUM METALLICUM (Plat.)  پلاٹینا پلاٹینم  میٹالیکم


In Platina we see excessive sexuality to the point of nymphomania. We see the inflated, enlarged ego which usually takes two directions: if the sexuality is suppressed, the person is mentally inflated and shows egotism, pride and haughtiness to the pathological extent that they can feel they’re someone important (king, queen) or if the sexuality is expressed and released we don’t see the haughtiness so much.

On the physical level there is predisposition to enlargements and tumors of the genital system.





HAUGHTY, CONTEMPTUOUS, PROUD. Superiority complex. Looking down upon people. EGOTISM. Desires grandeur. They want to have impressive look.

NYMPHOMANIA. Lascivious. Religious affections alternate with sexual excitement. Disposition to MASTURBATION.

DELUSIONS; DISORDERED SENSE OF PROPORTION- Things appear smaller. People seem physically and mentally inferior. Humility and lowness of others while he’s great.

Delusions she’s a noble, does not belong to her own family.

This delusion extends to body. Fancies herself very tall. Taller than others or she looks down to others from a higher place. Everything in the room are diminished while she’s tall.

You will see this mental picture esp. when the sexuality is suppressed. Mental symptoms alternate with sexual hyperactivity.

Ailments from grief- disappointments in love/sexual sphere.

FEARS: death (esp. when they get symptoms such as numbness), disease, ghosts (thinks he’s conversing with ghosts), something will happen to her husband, fear of being hanged, of knives.

Desire to kill, the husband.

Aversion to, even hatred of children. The world is bad to have children.

Mental symptoms alternate with physical symptoms.




EXCESSIVE, VIOLENT SEXUAL DESIRE that can lead to involuntary orgasms or even convulsions.

Cramp-like pains.

NUMBNESS of parts especially face (cheek, about mouth). In coccyx while sitting. Numbness in spots.

Fear that face is distorted (Bell’s Palsy).

BANDAGED SENSATION, sensation of a band around affected part.

Feeling of contraction or constriction in umbilicus. Pain in umbilicus extending to back.

Malignancy, tumors in uterus, ovaries, testes, external genitalia.

Menses dark clotted, offensive with bearing down pain.

Loud eructations in stomach while fasting.

Sensitiveness of genitalia. Painfully sensitive genitals.

Sticky discharges.



AGG.: lying.

AMEL.: motion, walking, wet weather.

AVERS.: meat esp. during menses.

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