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SEPIA (Sep.) – سیپیا – Keynotes Derived from Homeopathic Materia Medica VIVA


SEPIA (Sep.) – سیپیا


The word to describe Sepia is stagnation. The emotions are still and stagnant. There is indifference and detachment which lead to the characteristic aversion to coition, the irritability towards the husband and the aversion to the family. The physical exertion and dancing seem to stimulate the patient. The leucorrhoea and the aversion to sex are the main characteristics on the physical level.





STILLNESS of emotions and mind, DETACHED.

INDIFFERENCE to loved ones. Aversion to company, ameliorated when alone. Aversion to husband, to members of family, to going out.

Great sadness and weeping <consolation. Life has no joy.

Feels stimulation and amelioration through DANCING, PHYSICAL EXERTION, fast walking.

Anger and irritability <after coition, consolation, exertion, when spoken to.

Spiteful, malicious, critical of others.

Happy during thunders and lightning.

Fear of poverty.



Affects venous circulation and female pelvic organs.

LEUCORRHOEA esp. in young girls.


Pain in vagina during coition. Dryness of vagina.

Prolapsus of uterus, pressure and bearing down sensation, as if everything would protrude from pelvis <standing, > crossing legs.

Ball sensation in inner parts.

Crack in middle of lower lip. Fever blisters on lips.

Sensation of ’emptiness’, all gone feeling in stomach >eating.

Nausea during pregnancy.

Falling of hair.

Involuntary urination when laughing.

Yellow discoloration of face, yellow saddle across upper part of cheeks.

Tendency to abortion.

Headache < over the left eye > motion.

Faints easily- when kneeling, with heat and then coldness.



AGG.: cold (entering a cold place, becoming cold, cold bathing, cold wind), after sexual excesses, after coition, pregnancy, morning, evening, perspiration after, kneeling, stooping, loss of fluids, left side, seashore, 14:00-16:00.

AMEL.: PHYSICAL EXERTION, motion, crossing limbs, warmth (bed, applications), evening, pressure, cold drinks.

DES.: vinegar, sweets, alcohol.

AVERS.: meat, smell of food, salt, bread, fat.

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