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Suppressed Emotions Treatment – Review after one month’s homeopathic treatment by Hussain Kaisrani

I was striving hard for the health-care. Homeopathic Doctor Hussain Kaisrani made the process comfortable and easier. Inner feeling of well being coupled with relief in symptoms, in short time – only one month – is something really amazing. I never even dreamed of recovery on such a “massive” speed.

I switched from one doctor to another, to gain optimum health. But it had become a dream. Determination and considerate efforts of my healer is about to make this dream come true. His treatment methodology is marvellous. His keen approach, attention focus and regular interaction became a motivational force. I had clarity of mind, I was opened up but to communicate effectively was made possible by the doctor himself.


Here is the brief and to the point review of the one month homeopathy treatment.

  1. Over whelming feeling of pressure on the mind and body is fading away. This feeling of covering and thick layer created heaviness and much discomfort in my mind and body as well as caused panic attacks in the past.
  2. I had to do much effort to convince myself to accomplish a task. Now the automation has started to replace the forceful attitude towards life.
  3. Now I feel generally comfortable with others, less irritated. Inner restlessness has decreased.
  4. Heat and cold intolerance is getting better. Now I can enjoy AC. The sunlight is still unbearable though.
  5. Now I can work with more focused mind. Mind is getting more active and sharp.
  6. I feel less fatigued than before. Both mental and physical Energy levels seem to get better. I don’t feel “burnt out” generally.
  7. Sweating issue is getting better.
  8. I have become more expressive.
  9. I still forget things but the good thing is those are not disturbing me anymore.
  10. Difficulty in focusing attention while driving, especially at night. Foggy mind or vision,
  11. I cannot clarify, still persist but significantly improved.
  12. Vision and hearing are better.
  13. Less stress on ears and mind but there are ups and downs.
  14. Sleep is getting better.
  15. Sometimes I wake up early in the morning but I feel fresh and energetic. Exactly a week ago and before my sleep used to break around 3 am daily.
  16. Sudden temperature change causes sneezing but there is no fear or chance of getting fever is being felt.
  17. Appetite is getting better but no disturbing cravings. Taste buds are working better.
  18. Same is the case with the feeling of thirst.
  19. Some foods create gas trouble, less absorption and wind retention.
  20. Muscular stiffness create much trouble. Aching muscles and muscular stress combined together create fatigue. There’s also improvement regarding this issue.
  21. Immunity used to be low during the rainy season. But the immunity remained better during the previous month.
  22. Now it is easier to handle routine work.
  23. Pressure on the head, neck and shoulder muscles has almost vanished. Very rarely it comes back.
  24. Anxiety is still there but it has decreased significantly. I feel less tensed and worried.
  25. Confusion, absent mindedness and double-mindedness is totally gone.
  26. Appearance is also better.
  27. Deep feeling of deprivation and loneliness after the death of my mother has become tolerable.

I can confidently say Overall improvement is 75%.

Thanks to Allah for guiding me to Hussain Kaisrani and homeopathic treatment.


To go through complete case in Urdu, Please use the following link:

جذباتی، ذہنی اور نفسیاتی دباؤ کے مسائل – ہومیوپیتھک علاج – حسین قیصرانی

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