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A Solved Case of Death Phobia, Fear of Heart Attack, Severe Depression, Stomach Disorder and Anxiety about Health – Homeopathic Treatment (Hussain Kaisrani)

Dear Dr Hussain Kaisrani, AOA! As explained on phone, nowadays the only issue is my health issue. Feeling of left side chest pain, I have had multiple visits to emergencies in Pakistan and UK due to this chest pain because sometimes I feel sharp and heavy pain like attack. I had almost all major tests, nothing comes up in the test, I am having bad dreams, phobias of death and heart attack and before sleep, and I am having tough time to sleep due to phobias - having bad dreams and off and on. I am up and shouting one or two times at night, almost every night. Doctors are saying I do not have stomach issue, but still whenever I try spices or too sweet things, then extreme layer of pain of coming up to left side chest, I am feeling shortage of breath and feeling as if I am having my last moments. Other point wise details are below. Please feel free to text me on WhatsApp if I am missing anything.   Skin Issues: Bit dry skin but I am not worrying about dry skin or anything related to skin issues. Hair fall: I am using Clear Shampoo and my hair and dandruff is reasonable fine nowadays. Eye Sight: Got my eyes checked, one eye is getting weak, now its read more [...]

ZINCUM METALLICUM (Zinc) – زنکم میٹالیکم – Keynotes Derived from Homeopathic Materia Medica VIVA

  ZINCUM METALLICUM (Zinc) -  زنکم میٹالیکم Hyperactivity is the word for Zincum and we observe this mostly in feet and mind. We  see constant motion of the feet, twitching, spasms, jerking. Usually the moment they go to sleep there is an electrical stimulation that comes out in the lower extremities and they jerk. On the mental level there’s restlessness too. The brain is overstimulated but not in the way that Verat. and Coffea is. In Zincum the over activity causes a kind of dissatisfaction. It’s one of the main remedies for dissatisfaction and complaining.   HYPERACTIVITY OF NERVOUS SYSTEM   MENTAL RESTLESSNESS. HYPERACTIVE. Active concentration. - ‘Brain fag’ from over study. Mental dullness. Repeats question first before answering. Understands question only after repetition. Moaning, complaining, esp. of not being treated well by others. Torments everyone with his complaints. Delusions devil is after her < during menses. Delusions is about to be arrested. Sees devils, phantoms. Sensitive to noise, to voices. Indisposed to talk.   PHYSICAL OVERACTIVITY OF NERVOUS SYSTEM (esp. nerve endings read more [...]

VERATRUM ALBUM (Verat.) – وراٹرم البم – وریٹرم البم – Keynotes Derived from Homeopathic Materia Medica VIVA

  VERATRUM ALBUM (Verat.) - وراٹرم البم - وریٹرم البم The prominent characteristic of this remedy is the overactivity, mental and physical. There’s an exaggeration in all levels. On the mental level we see a restless, overactive and overstimulated mind. The mental abilities are over developed. We see too clever children, with skills beyond their age. These people can impress you with their knowledge and acuteness of mind. On the physical level, there is restlessness in chronic as well as in acute states.   RESTLESSNESS - MENTAL & PHYSICAL   MENTAL MENTAL OVER-STIMULATION. Unhealthy acuteness of mind, precocity. CONFUSION AS TO HIS IDENTITY. Religious delusion he is Christ or a person that has to save the world. Delusions he’s a great person. Feel they must protect the weak. RELIGIOUS AFFECTIONS. Religious delirium. Praying. Preaching. Religious despair. Anxiety about salvation. Doubtful of the soul’s welfare. Despair of social position. Never happy with social position, feel they deserve better. Brooding < evening. Violent. Mania with desire to tear things. Erotic, puerperal insanity. Delirium read more [...]

VALERIANA (Valer.) – ویریلیانا – Keynotes Derived from Homeopathic Materia Medica VIVA

  VALERIANA (Valer.) - ویریلیانا   HYSTERIA, ARTHRITIC PAINS, WANDERING SYMPTOMS   MENTAL Animated, anxious, irritable, restless patients with changeable mood. ACTS HYSTERICALLY. Weeping alternating with laughter. Over sensitiveness of all senses. Mental symptoms alternating with physical. Cheerful in evening, mirth, hilarity. Various delusions she is someone other person, he’s poor, people are beside him, is away from home, floating in air. Fear on entering a room. Fear ameliorated in open air. Restlessness at night, open air amel. Mental symptoms are worse in darkness.   PHYSICAL RHEUMATIC AND NEUROLOGICAL SYMPTOMS. Sensation as if a thread were hanging in the throat. Stitching pain in heels when sitting >walking. Sciatica < standing, stretching the leg, sitting, hanging down the limb. Slimy taste in the morning on waking. Pressing pain in forehead alternates with stitching pain. Child vomits curdled milk, in large lumps after nursing. Diarrhœa, with lumps of coagulated milk, with violent screaming in children. Jerking pains in the upper and lower limbs >walking. Jerking read more [...]

TUBERCULINUM BOVINUM (Tub.) – ٹیوبرکولینم – Keynotes Derived from Homeopathic Materia Medica VIVA

  TUBERCULINUM BOVINUM (Tub.) - ٹیوبرکولینم Romantic and unfulfilled. Enthusiastic but soon bored, they need change in their life. They cannot stick in one place, with one person, with one job, hence their love of travelling. Tuberculinum is a remedy that is very often indicated when there is a history of tuberculosis in the patient or his/her family. The grinding of teeth during sleep is a strong indication for this remedy.   PASSIONATE, EXCITED, DESIRING CHANGE - GRINDING OF TEETH   MENTAL PASSIONATE, ROMANTIC, UNFULFILLED “COSMOPOLITAN” PATIENTS. DISCONTENT, NEEDS CHANGE AND EXCITEMENT. DESIRES TRAVELLING. Moaning and groaning.   CHILDREN: Hyperactivity. Behavior disorders. Obstinate, disobedient, destructive children. Malicious behavior. Temper tantrums. Striking, breaks things. Compulsive and ritualistic behavior. Constant belief that something has been forgotten. Tormenting persistent thoughts during the night. Fear of cats, dogs. Disgust with cats and furry animals. Contradictory characteristics, mania and melancholia, insomnia and sleepiness. Anxiety at night. Fear something will happen. read more [...]

THUJA OCCIDENTALIS (Thuja) – تھوجا – Keynotes Derived from Homeopathic Materia Medica VIVA

  THUJA OCCIDENTALIS (Thuja) - تھوجا   SECRETIVE - TENDENCY TO GROWTHS   MENTAL RESERVED. Secretive. Manipulative. Delusions that the body is brittle, is delicate, that she’s made of glass, that animals are in abdomen, that soul and body were separated. Lack of self-confidence, delusions he’s worthless. Dullness <morning.   PHYSICAL OVERGROWTHS: WARTS, CONDYLOMATA, tumors, fibroids, cysts. Used for treating bad effects of vaccination esp. smallpox. Ailments from suppressed gonorrhea (rheumatic pains of joints, prostatitis, eye inflammation etc.). Urethritis. Forked stream of urine. Sensation that something is alive in the abdomen. Coryza during stool. Strong tendency to catarrhs. Leucorrhœa, nasal, urethral. Perspiration is oily, of sweetish odor, offensive. Headache as from a nail. Begins in forehead over left eye then occiput. DREAMS OF FALLING Constipation, stools recedes. Fingernails and toe-nails are brittle, crumbling, distorted, corrugated.   MODALITIES AGG: ONIONS, uncovering, tea, night, 3 p.m. & 3 a.m., wet weather. AMEL: touch, perspiration, lying on back, read more [...]

TARENTULA HISPANICA (Tarent.) – ٹیرنٹلا ہسپانیکا – ٹیرنٹولا – Keynotes Derived from Homeopathic Materia Medica VIVA

  TARENTULA HISPANICA (Tarent.)  - ٹیرنٹلا ہسپانیکا -  ٹیرنٹولا   Tarentula is a remedy with excess energy. They are restless, quick in their motions, impatient, do many things together. They feel better when they listen to loud, rhythmical music and when dancing. All symptoms are ameliorated with dancing. The energy is so much that the sexuality is increased to the point of nymphomania. When they get angry they get intense too, they can become violent. In later stages of pathology, they can become manic-depressive or develop insanity with rage.   EXCESS ENERGY - RESTLESSNESS – HURRIEDNESS   MENTAL HYPERACTIVE, RESTLESSNESS. Does many things at the same time. Impatient, impulsive, cunning. MUSIC (esp. loud and rhythmic) AMELIORATES PHYSICAL AND MENTAL SYMPTOMS. DES. DANCING which also ameliorates. Sexual mania, erotic delirium. Lascivious hysteria. Anger, rage. Violent, destructive, tears or breaks things. Insanity with increased strength. Desire to attack others. Rage is such that has to be chained. Manic-depressive states.   PHYSICAL Affects nerves which are highly strung. Symptoms read more [...]

TABACUM (Tab.) – ٹیبکم Keynotes Derived from Homeopathic Materia Medica VIVA


TABACUM (Tab.) – ٹیبکم





SEASICKNESS, terrible faint, sinking feeling at pit of stomach, better in fresh cold air and by uncovering the abdomen.

Deathly nausea with or without vomiting. The patient is clammy, cold and pale.

Nausea of pregnancy, with spitting.

The nausea is worse when opening the eyes.

Prostration and relaxation of entire muscular system, with free secretions.

Sensation as if stomach were hanging down.

Vertigo on opening eye’s.

Atherosclerosis, high blood pressure, esp. in tobacco users.

Constipation, esp. in tobacco users.

Hiccough after cough

Desire for tobacco.



AGG.: opening eye’s, evening, extremes of heat and cold.

AMEL.: uncovering abdomen, fresh open air.

SYPHILINUM (Syph.) – سفلینم – Keynotes Derived from Homeopathic Materia Medica VIVA

  SYPHILINUM (Syph.) - سفلینم   DESTRUCTIVE PROCESSES ON ALL LEVELS   MENTAL ANXIETY ABOUT HEALTH. FEAR OF INFECTION, of contagious disease, of syphilis. DISGUST. Delusions that he’s dirty. DESIRES TO WASH HER HANDS. Compulsive checking. HOPELESS, DESPAIR OF RECOVERY, DEPRESSION. Great irritability during headache. Weakness of memory, cannot remember names or dates. Erosion of the emotional level the patient may have a feeling to let everything crash down around him. On the mental level we see a breakdown into insanity.   PHYSICAL Affects mucous membranes, nerves and bones. DESTRUCTIVE, SYPHILITIC PROCESSES on all levels. Syphilitic eruptions and inflammations. Ulcers. Abscesses. Caries of bones. Distortion of facial features e.g. ulcers in palate (cleft palate). Teeth are dwarfed, loose, feel sticky. Curvature of spine. Bone pains < warmth of bed, > cold applications. Back pain from sunset to sunrise. ALL SYMPTOMS < NIGHT (sunset to sunrise) esp. 02:00 – 04:00. Headache, with pain in the bones of head, worse at night. Strong desire for ALCOHOL esp. liquers. Alcoholism. Sleeplessness read more [...]

SULPHURIC ACID (Sul-ac.) – سلفیورک ایسڈ Keynotes Derived from Homeopathic Materia Medica VIVA

  SULPHURIC ACID (Sul-ac.) - سلفیورک ایسڈ   HURRIEDNESS WITH EXHAUSTION   MENTAL HURRIEDNESS. Cannot do things fast enough. Everybody must hurry. So hurried that he does things out of order. Impatient, feels there’s not enough time to get things done, things move too slowly. Hasty speech. Fretful and irritable over the slightest cause. Prostration of mind after an injury. Changeable mood during perspiration.   PHYSICAL Sensation of weakness in the abdomen. APHTHÆ on the tongue, inside of cheeks and whole gastro-intestinal tract which are painful, often periodical. SENSITIVE TO SMOKE, FUMES, SMOG, STRONG ODORS (asthma). Sensation as if the brain is loose in the forehead. Bluish or black spots in skin, esp. face, extremities. Sourness of the body and stomach (Hep., Mag-c., Rheum) Diarrhœa very foul, offensive, from unripe fruit and oysters, after the slightest indiscretion in eating. Yellow, saffron-like, stringy stool. Eructation like spoiled eggs. Profuse, acrid or stringy discharges. Bruising and ecchymosis. Follows Arn. in acute injuries. Pains increase gradually and end suddenly. As read more [...]
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