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Treatment of Reducing Lungs Capacity, Stomach Swelling, High Blood Pressure, Uric acid, High Cholesterol Levels and Increasing Triglycerides – Feedback

I’m almost 60 years old now, ever since I crossed 44; I developed various diseases starting from ear infection, followed by eyes cataract, then lungs capacity was detected reducing gradually, due to smoking and then stomach started swelling. Few things like high blood pressure, Uric acid, High Cholesterol Levels and always increasing Triglycerides, made further upsets in life.

I’ve been regularly visiting senior and well renowned Doctors of well repute, in Islamabad and then in Karachi; but result almost remained the same to similar over 15 years. I did not like heavy doses of medicines those burn both, your stomach and your money. Then I quit going to Doctors but that either, did not work well. My weight and waist grew further along with knee crackling and low energy levels in almost all areas of my life.

One of my daughters and her spouse, live in Lahore, they invited me to see a Homeopathic Doctor in Lahore.  That is how I visited Dr. Hussain Kaisrani is Sep. this year.

Dr. Kaisrani started diagnostic like any other Doctor, by looking at my reports, and history of illnesses. Then he started asking unique but interesting questions, that no other Dr. would ask generally. For example, He asked, if someone is throwing garbage into a canal and you happen to drive there, what will you do? “I’ll stop him from this ill practice”. And then he asked, “You like to keep new currency notes? “Surely, I do and I always try to keep new ones and spend old ones” was my response. Then he asked another question by pulling his table drawer half-open, “What would you do to this drawer?. I surely would close it completely. It irritates me if things on your table or pictures on walls are not straight and organized. Then he asked few questions around my sleep and dreams etc.

He smiled as he has reached to roots of illness and yes he was very right, in doing so, as he proved later. He handed over 3 types of medicines, with an advise to use 2, and keep the 3rd one secured till next discussion. After every 2 weeks I give him feed back report,  as how I’m feeling and what is not good with me, these days. He would send couple of medicines and just in 2 months, I felt myself reviving in all areas. That was bright and exciting result. And it still continues, till today.

Three months have passed and I’ve witnessed great improvement, sometimes it becomes quick healing, as the lungs got improved in just one week (will you believe that?). Other areas are improving day by day. I wish the Dr. be available to all those human who are trying Dr. after Dr. and remain complaining around medicines and their poor results.

If you are sick of Doctors and sick of medicines; then try consulting Dr. Hussain Kaisrani, just once. And you will know it all, the different approach, the different method of treatment, and different result, altogether. 

Thank you Dr. Kaisrani, hope to see you soon (in Dec.) In Sha Allah. Thanks again and,

Best Regards,



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