All ailments acute or chronic are attended by fear of impending death and the feeling that death is imminent or near. Ailments that arise from fright that threatened the life of the person.





FEARS: DEATH (during labor, pregnancy, menses, heart symptoms), predicts the time of death, presentiment of death. OPEN SPACES, NARROW PLACES, TUNNELS, EARTHQUAKE, CROWD, AIRPLANE, heart disease, darkness.

PANIC STATES accompanied by: palpitations, red face, one sided numbness, faintness, restlessness, perspiration, trembling, vertigo, dyspnoea, fear of death.

Calm between panic states.



Acute symptoms arise from EXPOSURE TO DRY COLD AIR or WIND (cough, eye inflammation, coryza, prosopalgia). From becoming cold during perspiration.

During fever the skin is dry and hot, there is intense nervous restlessness and tossing about, chills, with intense thirst for cold water, one cheeck is red and hot and the other pale and cold.

Face bloated and red. Redness alternating with paleness.

Internal coldness felt in vessels.

Gastritis after eating or drinking cold things.

Affections of heart, congestion, endocarditis, pericarditis. Heart affections with numbness of left upper limb. Hypertrophy with tingling of fingers. Sensation as if the heart would cease.



AGG.: COLD, DRY WEATHER, cold wind.

DES.: cold water, beer, wine.

ACONITUM (Acon.) – Acute

Inflammatory conditions (bronchitis, influenza etc.) resulting from exposure to dry cold wind.

KEYWORDS: chill, thirst, sudden, congestion.

ONSET: sudden onset of the complaints.

APPEARANCE: Redness and congestion of face. The ears may be red and hot. Contracted pupils. One cheek red and the other pale.

FEVER: sudden high fever often preceded by chills. Extremities are warm during fever. Restlessness during fever.

INFLUENZA: Dryness of mouth with thirst, headache with coryza, burning eyes, red face.

EYES: conjunctivitis from cold, from injuries. Burning, aching pain, photophobia, dryness, redness of eyelids, swelling all aggravated by cold.

EARS: painful otitis after being exposed to cold. Redness of ear (external ear, meatus).

RESPIRATORY: barking, dry cough, pneumonia, laryngitis from exposure to cold. Irritation of air passages. Cough with fever. Pneumonia esp. left side, with congestion and tightness of chest, with haemoptysis

Aggravation in cold air, wind, going from warm to cold (or vice versa), at night

THROAT: hoarseness, painful larynx on coughing. Rawness of larynx aggravated when inspiring, in cold air.

THIRST: thirst for cold drinks.

URINARY: suppression of urine. Dysuria. Painful urging to urinate. Painful retention of urine from catching a cold. Retention of urine in newborns.

TEETH: toothache from catching a cold, getting wet, from dental work. Aggravation from drawing in air, in wind, on going to bed, from right to left.

GASTROINTESTINAL: diarrhoea after getting wet. Stool chopped like spinach. Gall stone colic with jaundice, with bitter taste.

MENTAL PICTURE: anxiety about health with restlessness. There may be a fear of dying or even a feeling that death is near, or will come at a certain hour. Ailments from fright.


Aggravation: cold air, draft, perspiration, touch, motion.

Amelioration: lying on back, sitting, walking, perspiration.


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