BRYONIA ALBA (Bry.) – برائیونیا – برائی اونیا


In Bryonia the characteristic is aggravation from motion. On the mental level, any ‘motion’ is intolerable too; they want to be by themselves. We see great irritability with the desire to be left alone. They are aggravated by any interference which will make them put the slightest physical or mental effort.





Irritable, wants to be quiet.

Anxiety about the future. Strong fear of poverty, anxiety about money matters, talks about business.

Delusions he’s away from home.



All ailments are WORSE FROM MOTION; even the slightest, such as inspiration, coughing, stepping. Pain takes away the breath.


Cough is painful, he has to hold the chest.

THIRSTY FOR LARGE QUANTITIES. Dryness of mouth with thirstlessness.

Dryness of mucus membranes (mouth, nose, throat, rectum, eye, lips).

Constipation, with very hard and dry stool; as if burned.

Headache on left side; over the left eye extending to occiput. <moving the eyes.

Sleeps on left side; but is aggravated on lying on left side in gall bladder or liver problems.

One of the main remedies for appendicitis.

Faintness from sitting up/rising from bed.



AGG.: MOTION, coughing, breathing (inspiration), change of temperature.

AMEL.: rest, lying/ pressure on the painful side, lying, perspiration

DES.: warm milk.



BRYONIA (Bry.) – ACUTE (Hussain Kaisrani) برائیونیا – برائی اونیا

Dryness, thirst, aggravation from motion.


ONSET:  slow manifestation of complaints.

APPEARANCE: dryness of membranes. Dry mouth, dryness of intestine leading to constipation. Dark red face. White tongue.

PAINS:   all pains are greatly aggravated by motion and ameliorated by pressure.

FEVER/ INFLUENZA: dry burning heat, fever without chills, one sided heat (especially on the right side), dry mouth with thirst for large quantities or thirstlessness, wants to be alone, weakness. Congestion of face. Pain in extremities, in bones during fever. Occipital headache, nausea and vomiting during fever.  All symptoms are aggravated from motion.

RESPIRATION: cough, bronchitis, laryngitis, pneumonia, pleura-pneumonia esp. right side. Painful chest on coughing, must hold chest with hands. Congestion of chest. Asthmatic, arrested, accelerated respiration.

Cough: with coryza, with vomiting. Cough from irritation in larynx, trachea, epigastrium. Involuntary urination on coughing. Ameliorated with warm fluids, open air.

Aggravated when bending head backward, lying with head low, by warmth

CHEST: pain on coughing, on breathing deep so that the patient has to support the chest with the hands ameliorated when lying on painful side, pressure. Congested chest. Oppression.

THROAT: hoarseness with cough, painful larynx on coughing, rawness of throat on coughing.

NOSE: dryness of nose. Painful sinusitis aggravated by motion, stooping, talking, touch ameliorated by pressure, cold applications.

TEETH: swelling of cheek with teeth problems. Toothache aggravated when brushing teeth, eating, lying, on motion, touch, warm food and drinks. Ameliorated lying on painful side, pressure, cold fluids.

HEAD: headache is aggravated by motion, jar, cough, motion of eyes  and ameliorated when being alone and quiet, from dark, pressure.

VERTIGO: vertigo with faintness. Everything turns in a circle. Sensation as if sinking in bed ameliorated when lying still and aggravated by moving the head, the eyes, by sudden motion, rising.

GASTROINTESTINAL: diarrhoea from excitement, from cold drinks (esp. in summer), ameliorated when lying on the back and aggravated after rising and moving.

Nausea ameliorated by drinking and aggravated on motion, when sitting up in bed.

Vomiting after drinking the smallest quantity, after eating.

All abdominal pains are aggravated from the slight motion, breathing, jar, touch, tight clothes and ameliorated when lying on painful side, when bending double.

INJURIES: injuries from blunt instruments, from straining, sprains. Bruising pain.

MENTAL PICTURE: Wants to be quiet and left alone. The concept of aggravation from motion goes to the mental level too. Talking or any interaction disturbs the internal stillness.

THIRST/CRAVINGS:  The thirst is pronounced. The patient is thirsty for large quantities of water. We may also see thirstlessness despite of the dry mouth.



Aggravation: motion (coughing, sneezing, breathing deeply), jar, touch, warmth.            

Amelioration: lying still, pressure, lying on the painful side, warm bed, warm drinks, open air, cold applications.

TIP: Bryonia and Rhus-t. are complementary remedies. We often observe that after giving Bryonia, the picture changes to Rhus-t. especially in musculoskeletal problems.