Eye Dryness

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]Persistent dryness, scratchiness and a burning sensation in your eyes are symptoms of dry eyes. These symptoms alone may prompt your eye doctor to diagnose a dry eye syndrome. Dry eyes can become red and irritated, causing a feeling of scratchiness.
Eye dryness:
We get a lot of people who have just been diagnosed with dry eyes or who have been taking allopathic drops for dry eyes, coming to us asking if we can help them.

How common are dry eyes?
In World, around 18 to 54% of people have dry eyes.

What is eye dryness?
There is a lot of dryness in the eyes, burning sensation, you feel like closing your eyes frequently, as if some foreign particle like sand is in the eyes. It is very uncomfortable.

Causes of eye dryness:
There are multiple causes of eye dryness.

The most common cause is decreased tear duct production which means not enough tears are produced resulting in dry eyes.

Dry eyes are a side effect of a lot of allopathic medications. Medicines for depression, allergies, blood pressure, Parkinson’s disease, birth control pills, all these medicines cause eye dryness. People who work quite a lot on computers, smoking, eye strain also causes eye dryness.

There are a few systemic diseases that can cause dry eyes but it is very rare and uncommon.

Get in touch with your doctor and if he says it is just simple dry eyes, end of the story, do not worry about it.

Allopathic approach:
The only thing your doctor will give you is eye drops. These eye drops are nothing but teardrops, they are just lubricants and not medication. When you use eye drops, you feel good but within 3-4 hours its effect goes away and the dryness comes back.

Once the dryness is back, you feel sleepy all the time, drowsy, tired, do not feel like working, and just feel like closing your eyes all the time. Some people end up with headaches as well.

What you need to understand is, dry eyes are caused because there is no lachrymation or less lachrymation, so when you use the drops your eyes are lubricated and you feel alright but it is back to square one within few hours.

There is no solution for this in allopathy other than eye drops. Eye drops are safe and do not have side effects, they are just liquid but it is a pain to keep using them every few hours, and how long will go on doing that?

Homeopathic approach:
We have been able to help a lot of people with eye dryness.

In homeopathy, we do not give any drops. We give medicines internally to increase the production of the lachrymal glands. It takes time, it is not something that will happen in a few weeks. It will take a long time but over a period of time, eye dryness comes down, and eventually, you do not have to use eye drops anymore.

People who are already using eye drops:
For people who have been using eye drops for few months to years, we ask them to continue using eye drops along with homeopathic medications. We gradually reduce the frequency of your eye drops from 2, 3times/day to once a day, once in 2 days, 3 days, and over a period of time we completely stop them.

What happens if you leave it alone?
(If left alone, you will have a lot of discomfort, burning sensation, you cannot keep your eyes open for a long time, you will not be able to do work properly.)

Do’s and Don’ts:
(There is nothing much you can do)

What would I do if I were in your place?
We have been able to help a lot of people with dry eyes. I would for sure try homeopathy. I know that I am not risking anything by giving Homeopathy around 3 to 6 months to try and get rid of dry eyes.

Trust me, nothing is going to happen to you in these three to six months’ time. But if these medicines can help you get rid of dry eyes for the rest of your life, isn’t it worth giving it a try?

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