How long does Homeopathic Treatment take to cure Autism, Autistic Children?

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How long does it take to cure Autism? What is the treatment duration for autistic children?

This is a very valid question and often among the first few questions that parents of autistic children ask.

The honest answer is that Doctors do not know for sure. It is not only for Autism but also for all other chronic diseases like asthma, allergies,  psoriasis, arthritis, hypothyroidism, eczema etc). The treatment duration varies from individual to individual. It can be 1-3 years for a mild autism case and 5-10 years for a severe autistic case.

And ‘cure’ is not always possible. Cure means the child becomes absolutely normal. For mild autism cases homeopathic cure is possible in many cases if the homeopathic treatment starts early enough. For moderate to severe autism cases, we are usually looking at the graded improvement over a period of time. The improvement can start from anywhere but usually, we see that the classic signs like hand flapping, toe walking reduce first and eye contact improves marginally. Then we see improvement in understanding, comprehension, command following, speech, sensory issues, social acceptance and further eye contact. Some children improve on one variable first, other’s improve on other variables. Some children start responding within the first few weeks, others take a few months to show improvement.

If your child has recently been diagnosed with Autism, please understand that there are no ‘magic cures’ for autism. It is going to take a lot of effort and time for your child to improve. You may need the support of therapies like occupation therapy, ABA, speech therapy along with homeopathy.

Don’t be disheartened. Many children recover completely. Most mild to moderate cases are able to lead an independent life as adults. Prepare yourself mentally for a long journey ahead.



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