PULSATILLA (NIGRICANS) PRATENSIS (Puls.) پلساٹیلا پلسٹیلا – Keynotes Derived from Homeopathic Materia Medica VIVA




In this remedy, we see that the main characteristic is the changeability. The physical symptoms are changing, the nature of the discharges is changeable, the pains are wandering. On the mental level, we see indecision, the mood is alternating. The Pulsatilla individual is soft, yielding and insecure. She usually relies on other people and needs their attention and reassurance. She’s sensitive, weeps very easily and is ameliorated by consolation and affection.





Malleable and changeable.




Forsaken feeling.

Fears: INSANITY, dark and dogs.




Menses change color every month, pains in body move from one place to the other.

WARM BLOODED < HEAT. Complaints are aggravated in heat.

> OPEN AIR, cold applications.

THIRSTLESSNESS with all complaints.

Hot feet, uncovers them at night.

Sensation of cold water poured down the back.

Sleeps on the back, arms raised over the head, or on the abdomen.

Styes esp. upper lid.

Mucus discharges are increased, bland, thick, yellowish-green < warm room.



AGG.: fat, pork, rich food, heat.

AMEL.: open air, cold applications, walking.

DES.: butter, cold food, creamy things, cheese, ice cream, hard-boiled eggs, sweets.

AVERS.: FATS, pork, butter, warm food and drinks.



PULSATILLA (Puls.) – Acute (Hussain Kaisrani)

Warm, thirstless and weepy.


GENERALITIES: the patient is warm, esp. the feet are warm and wants to uncover them. All symptoms are aggravated from warmth of room or of bed and ameliorated in open air, open windows, continued motion.


FEVER/INFLUENZA: the feet are hot and the patient wants to uncover them. Chills and coldness as if cold water was poured on the back. Pain in the bones that are ameliorated by motion. Thirstlessness (even if the mouth is dry). Thick coryza and obstruction of nose. Lachrymation. One sided heat and redness of the face. Involuntary urination during cough.


RESPIRATION: all respiratory affections with loose cough, mucous in the chest, dyspnea. Loose cough in the morning and dry in the evening. Involuntary urination during cough. Dyspnoea and cough aggravated in warmth (warm room, food, becoming warm), evening, lying down, during sleep (wakes the patient up), on violent exertion and ameliorated in open air, when sitting up.

The expectoration is yellow or green (esp. in the morning) and often of an offensive taste/odor (bitter or of old catarrh).

Hay fever with bland coryza and lachrymation, itching of eyes, sand sensation in the eyes, sneezing. All syptoms are aggravated in warmth and ameliorated by cold applications.


CHEST: oppression and pain in chest during cough aggravated on breathing deeply, lying. Respiration rattling, stertorous during sleep. Aggravated when lying on the left side and ameliorated in open air. Mastitis with swelling of mammae and wandering pain (esp. while the child nurses). Suppressed milk.


NOSE: sinusitis with thick yellowish-green discharge, wandering pain in face (often extending to ears or neck). Pulsating pain above eyes, in nasal bones and root of nose aggravated on stooping. All symptoms are aggravated in warmth (bed, food) and ameliorated in open air, by cold applications.


EYES: conjunctivitis with itching (eyelids, canthi, margins), dryness, photophobia, bland lachrymation, yellow pus. All eye affections are ameliorated in fresh open air and by cold applications and aggravated in warmth, in warm wet weather, at evening.


EAR: painful otitis esp. of left ear with discharge (yellowish green). Aggravated from warm applications, night. Ameliorated in open air. Pain extends to eye. Fullness of ear with impaired hearing. Children are weepy and want to be held by their mother during pain.


URINARY: cystitis with catarrh of bladder. With tenesmus and frequent urging which is aggravated when lying on the back. The urging can be ineffectual. Retention of urine and fullness of bladder. Painful retention aggravated when lying on the back.

The patient must hurry to urinate otherwise urine will escape. Pain in the bladder extending to thighs. Pain if desire is postponed, when lying on the back, before, at close (end) or/and after the urination. Burning pain in urethra after urination.

Urine can be bloody (esp. the last part), hot, cloudy, with mucous and sediment.


PROSTATE: swelling and enlargement of prostate. Pain of prostate after urination. Difficult urination, dribbling of urine especially while walking. Intermittent urination in spurts that are painful. Painful retention of urine with urging which is aggravated when lying on the back. Heat sensation.


GASTROINTESTINAL: diarrhoea after being overheated, after eating rich food, after eating fat.   Ameliorated in open air, from cold applications and aggravated from warmth, cold food and drinks.

Stool like chopped eggs, bilious, acrid.

Nausea aggravated from warm drinks, fat, ice-cream and ameliorated by cold drinks and open air.


THIRST/CRAVINGS:  the patient is thirstless although the mouth can be dry. Strong aversion and aggravation from fat.


MENTAL PICTURE: sensitive and weepy patients who need support and consolation. Children weep, want to be caressed and held by their mother.



Aggravation: warmth, night, lying on the back.

Amelioration: open air, cold applications, sitting up.



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