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STAPHISAGRIA (Staph.) – سٹیفی سیگیریا – Keynotes Derived from Homeopathic Materia Medica VIVA

STAPHISAGRIA (Staph.) – سٹیفی سیگیریا


The idea of this remedy is the suppression. The patients suppress their feelings, esp. anger. They are yielding, soft, very sensitive and lack self-confidence. They don’t stand up for themselves. The aggravation from siesta and the development of styes are confirmatory symptoms for this remedy.





SUPPRESSION OF EMOTIONS esp. centering on romantic relationships.

GREAT INDIGNATION- about things done by others or by himself.

Suppresses anger but can go to the other extreme and lose control- Violent outbursts where they throw things.

Yielding, sweet and sensitive. Very vulnerable, easily offended, sensitive to rudeness, to external impressions.



Development of hard dead tumors, chronic indurations of various kinds.

Affects the nervous system producing chorea, convulsions, jerking, trembling or paralysis from suppressed emotions, from indignation, anger, vexation.

Ailments from grief: psoriasis, chorea, stomach pain, falling hair, headache.

STYES – small hardened spots of induration which do not go away with time.

Excessive sexual desire, sexual thoughts leading to MASTURBATION- bad effects from onanism (indifference after onanism). Sexual excesses, however when confronted with actual situation they become impotent or frigid.


Honeymoon cystitis. Urging to urinate or dysuria in newly married women.

Injuries from post-surgical operations, stinging, smarting pains like cutting of a knife. Cuts, stinging in wounds. Wounds heal slowly.

Toothache during menses, teeth turn black, DECAY on edges.



AGG.: AFTERNOON SLEEP (SIESTA), emissions, coition, milk, tobacco, exertion, onanism, after sexual excesses, after emotions, touch.

AMEL.: breakfast, lying, rest, warm.

DES.: sugar, rice, liquid food.

AVERS.: fat, milk, solid food.

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