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A Solved Case of Exam Anxiety / Test Stress – Homeopathic Treatment and Medicines – Hussain Kaisrani


A Client / Patient, Miss AA, age 25, resident of Pakistan, university student contacted on January 05, 2018 through Phone / WhatsApp for the Homeopathic treatment of her anxiety about exams. She was preparing for exams but was not able to concentrate at all. Fear of failure and anxiety about her parent’s well being were bothering her too much (She is a hostelite nowadays). Along with these matters she was also having issues in several aspects of physical and emotional health.

Miss AA had been facing Exam anxiety since her childhood. In her last semester, she had been very disturbed due to vomiting soon after going through the question paper which had long questions. Just after three days, she is appearing in her final papers of a semester. Her Chief Complaints were Examination Stress, anticipation and very poor concentration. However, Homeopathic treatment and remedy selection process requires a thorough case taking.

After a detailed interview, following issues came into consideration:


  1. Shortness of Breath,
  2. Vomiting and Nausea (during exams / tests)
  3. Feeling of faintness (during exams / tests)
  4. Shivering and trembling
  5. Loss of sleep, appetite and thirst
  6. Diarrhea (during tests / exams)
  7. Excessive Urination
  8. Headache
  9. Too much Hair fall
  10. Rapid Heartbeat



  1. Exam Stress, anxiety and panic attaches days before exams, tests, presentation, course work
  2. Exam / Test anxiety during and after exams
  3. Intense fear and discomfort
  4. Prolonged tiredness
  5. Inability to relax
  6. Inability to think clearly and concentrate properly
  7. Anger, irritation, helplessness and disappointments
  8. Panic attacks
  9. Too much fear of unknown
  10. Panic attacks
  11. Anxiety about parent’s well being



  • Concentration very poor – Mind is racing and absorbed
  • Anticipation
  • Too much negativity in thinking
  • Comparison with other



  1. Stomach Disorder
  2. Gallbladder Stones
  3. Backache, Joint’s Pain, The pain of Sciatica
  4. Tuberculosis
  5. Slow Learning Syndrome
  6. Slow Processing Speed



After a detailed understanding of case and thoughtful comprehension Gelsemium and Lycopodium were considered to be prescribed.  The case was prescribed on World Renowned Homeopathic Software RADAR latest Version.


Mind – ANTICIPATION, ailments from – examination, before
Stomach – VOMITING, general – blood, at sight
Mind – ANTICIPATION, general – stage-fright
Mind – ANTICIPATION, general – unusual ordeal, of any
Mind – ANTICIPATION, general – singers and speakers, in
Mind – FEAR, general, phobias – failure, of – examinations, in
Mind – FEAR, general, phobias – failure, of
Food – THIRSTLESS, general

As examination date was too close so Gelsemium was prescribed on January 08, 2018. On a later stage Lycopodium may be indicated and prescribed if she continues her treatment.

The Client / Patient was requested to provide regular updates and feedback. She was monitored and vigilantly followed for any changes in the symptoms. The communication, feedback and update is being reproduced below.



January 08, 2018

She received medicine and taken first dose of Gelsemium. She was desperate about her recovery. Till evening there was no difference except her worry about the parent’s well being. Her concentration started improving at night. A counselling session was conducted at night on phone.

January 09, 2018


Second dose of Gelsemium was taken in the morning.  She was worried about her paper by tomorrow and wanted an affirmation that she will not be disturbed when goes through the question paper. She was free from panic attacks of anxiety. Her concentration and Appetite was significantly improved.

January 10, 2018


Miss AA took her third dose of Gelsemium. She was also provided a tablet (Placebo) for taking it in case she gets disturbed during attempting the paper. She reported that there was no need to take this tablet.

Her paper went well. She was very happy. She acknowledged the positive affect of treatment by saying that exams days used to be very stressful but now everything is quite normal. I am happy.

January 15, 2018


During last four days she remained medicine free. Today, she reported short breathing problem and discomfort feeling. Her appetite got significantly better. She was made sure that it is only a temporary issue and will be addressed by taking one dose of Gelsemium – the fourth dose.


January 17, 2017



She informed that her difficulty in breathing was managed soon after taking the medicine. She took fifth dose of Gelsemium today. It was a last paper of this semester. She was very happy as her paper went very well. It was first time in her life when she remained normal and anxiety free during tests / exams. She thanked specially for the help.

Her Treatment for other issues may be continued.



Hussain Kaisrani – Psychotherapist & Homeopathic Consultant – Lahore, Pakistan. Phone 03002000210

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2 Responses to A Solved Case of Exam Anxiety / Test Stress – Homeopathic Treatment and Medicines – Hussain Kaisrani

    دانش حسین
    Commented:  August 24, 2018 at 6:37 AM
    اسلام وعلیکم سر میں میرا نام دانش حسین ہے میں طالب علم ہوں سر حافظہ بہت کم ضرور ہیں سبق یاد کر لوں تو بھول جاتا ہے دماغ ڈپریشن می جا رہا ہے ہر وقت سستی اور ناامیدی سے رہتی ہے امتحان میں ناکامی کا خوف رہتا ہے بہت پریشان ہوں کوئی دوائی بتادے
      Hussain Kaisrani
      Commented:  August 25, 2018 at 5:45 PM
      ڈیر ڈانش گجر، سلام!
      آپ نے فون پر تفصیلی بات کر لی ہے اور ٹریٹمنٹ کا آغاز بھی ہو گیا۔ ان شاء اللہ آپ کا مسئلہ حل ہو جائے گا۔
      حسین قیصرانی

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