Homeopathy or Magic? My experience with Dr Hussain Kaisrani – feedback from Canada

I was stuck in the past, always thinking about a relationship that went very wrong – LOVE DISAPPOINTED.
I cried a lot and felt grief, anger and restlessness all the time. Life was pointless for me. I was totally hopeless and disappointed by myself and people around me.

Case Discussion

Dr. Hussain Kaisrani discussed my case for more than an hour. My issues were listened very carefully and calmly, he very confidently stated that he has understood the case. To my surprise, he talked about totally irrelevant matters. For example, he asked about the condition of my room, cleanliness, taking a bath etc etc. I was ashamed to inform them about my too messy room, not taking a bath for many days, not even carrying out my daily routines or so, being confined in a room Etc etc.
Homeopathic Medicine Prescription
He prescribed a homeopathic medicine SULPHUR. And things started to change immediately. I am not sure whether it was the result of talking to Dr. Kaisrani or Homeopathy remedy, I began to enjoy spending time alone and even took a trip to Niagara Falls that is 200km far from my place. WOWWWW, I managed everything confidently. I used to be a person who never wanted to step out of my room, and I never did.
Changes in me and my Routine
Sulphur helped me feel calmer and clearer in my mind. There is a drastic change in me which I could not even imagine, and I am extremely happy about it. Even though memories of the past still bothered me and my major issues are not resolved, they didn’t control me like before. I learned how to handle my emotions better and started doing things I never thought I could. I started cooking for the first time in my life, I used to order food for the last 1 year because I was not in a state to cook food. Sometimes, due to my state of mind, I get confused while driving like I am in Canada, so I stopped driving but now I started driving again when it is important. I felt like a different person. My thoughts changed, and I started taking control of my life again.
I don’t know how it will go in the future but it is an amazing feeling.

Curing with Science and a Touch of Art.


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Homoeopathy Rocks
Homoeopathy Rocks
2 months ago

Amazing indeed.

Hussain Kaisrani

Hussain Kaisrani (aka Ahmad Hussain) is a distinguished Psychotherapist & Chief Consultant at Homeopathic Consultancy, Lahore, Learn More

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