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FERRUM METALLICUM (Ferr.) – فیرم میٹالیکم Keynotes Derived from Homeopathic Materia Medica VIVA


FERRUM METALLICUM (Ferr.) – فیرم میٹالیکم






SENSITIVE and excitable < on least contradiction.

IRRITABILITY to slight noises like crackling paper drive him to despair.



ANAEMIA extreme paleness Red parts become white, lips, face and tongue.

FALSE PLETHORA, looks healthy but are very weak. Pale face that flushes easily. Face becomes red and flushed on least pain, emotion or exertion.

SLOW MOTION, WALKING SLOWLY AMELIORATES complaints of pain, palpitations, dyspnoea.

Restless when keeping still, must keep the limbs moving. It seems that motion stimulates circulation.

Vertigo coming from disturbed circulation. Vertigo when looking at running water.

Disturbance of the circulation with irregularities in the heart function such as palpitations.

Vomiting immediately after eating, esp. eggs without nausea, < after midnight.

Rheumatic pains of upper limbs, esp. shoulders appear during rest.

Irresistible desire to bend arm. Fear of being touched on affected joints.

Periodic headaches lasting 3-4 days during which there’s nausea and vomiting on eating.

Menses too early, copious, protracted, pale, thin (thin with clots), with weakness. 

Diarrhœa while eating or from drinking.

Epistaxis alternating with spitting of blood.



AGG.: night, exertion, EGGS, eating, loss of vital fluids, cold, change of temperature to warm.

AMEL.: slow, continued motion, walking.

DES.: sweets, tomatoes, bread and butter, soup.

AVERS.: eggs.

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