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PHOSPHORUS (Phos.) فاسفورس – Keynotes Derived from Homeopathic Materia Medica VIVA


PHOSPHORUS (Phos.) فاسفورس







SYMPATHETIC. Naive, easily trusting.

ANXIETY, becomes “free-floating” with no identifiable cause, fear that something will happen. Anxiety others for. Strong anxiety about health esp. relatives. – easily reassured by the doctor.

FEARS: thunderstorms, dark, being alone, something will happen, death, heart disease.

Desires company.



HÆMORRHAGES. Menses copious, bright red. Epistaxis.

UNQUENCHABLE THIRST esp. FOR COLD DRINKS, experiences burning pains internally, relieved by cold things. As soon as the water (or other liquids) becomes warm in the stomach it is thrown up.

Nausea and vomiting when putting hands in warm water.

All sorts of affections of the respiratory tract. Pneumonia < left side.

Left sided, cannot sleep on left side.

Sexual desire increased.

Chilly. Coldness of extremities. Feet icy cold. Coldness of knees esp. at night.

Hoarseness. Lost voice, painless or with painful raw feeling of throat.

Burning pain in spots along the spine, between the scapula.



AGG.: cold, twilight, lying on left side, warm food, garlic, salt, change of weather.
AMEL.:cold drinks,shortsleep, rubbing, warm bath of head, eating.


AVERS.: warm food and drinks, fish, oysters.


PHOSPHORUS (Phos.) – Acute (Hussain Kaisrani)

Increased thirst, anxiety, haemorrhagic tendency.

KEYWORDS: haemorrhage, thirst, chilly, insecurity, needs company.

All complaints are almost always accompanied by increased thirst for cold drinks.

GENERALITIES: chilly with cold extremities. Haemorrhagic tendency. Profuse, bright red blood.

RESPIRATORY: bronchitis, pneumonia, pleura-pneumonia esp. left lung. Respiratory affections with painful chest, thirst, perspiration, constriction of chest, fan-like motion of wings of nose. Respiration is accelerated, superficial, rattling.

Aggravated lying on left side.

COUGH: cough going from warm to cold or from cold to warm (room, temperature).     Cough from irritation in chest, in larynx. Cough with perspiration during sleep (also in cervical region), with fever, with coryza. Involuntary urination on coughing. Aggravated from cold drinks, cold air, lying, laughing and ameliorated from expectoration, on turning from left to right, on sitting up.

THROAT: laryngitis. Rawness of larynx. Hoarseness painful, preventing speech.

CHEST: oppression, pain on coughing making the patient hold his chest with his hands. Constriction, pulsation in chest.  Aggravated in open air, on becoming cold, on breathing deeply.

EARS: otitis with blood or bloody discharges.

FEVER: fever with thirst for cold drinks, weakness, perspiration at night.

STOMACH: nausea aggravated by cold drinks and ameliorated from warm drinks, and drinking. Vomiting as soon as the water becomes warm in stomach. Hematemesis. Dark vomiting.

VERTIGO: from loss of fluids. Vertigo is aggravated on looking upwards, on rising from a seat, on looking down, from exertion of vision.

SKIN: bleeding wounds. Ecchymosis.

MENTAL PICTURE: the patient is fearful, insecure and anxious about his health during the acute state.  Needs to have company, to have someone beside him at all times and often wants to be held. Cannot stay alone especially at night.

THIRST/CRAVINGS:  intense thirst for cold. Desire for salt. Desires ice-cream.


Aggravation: cold, lying on the left side.

Amelioration: warmth, eating after, cold drinks, sleep.

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