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Homeopathy and the NHS – in Westminster Hall at 10:58 am on 29th March 2017.

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  David Tredinnick Conservative, Bosworth  10:58 am, 29th March 2017 I beg to move, That this House has considered homeopathy and the NHS. Mr Hanson, it is always a pleasure to serve under your chairmanship, particularly when before we have even started the match, you have given us extra time. It is not often that we are able to start a debate earlier than expected. This debate has come about for two reasons. The first is the attacks on the long-established national health service homeopathic service. Secondly, we are approaching a very happy moment, Homeopathy Awareness Week, when the homeopathic community comes together to tell people about what it can offer in providing support to doctors and alternatives where other treatments have not worked. Homeopathy Awareness Week takes place from 10 to 16 April in a celebration of homeopathy: a safe, gentle, natural system of medicine that I have used for 30 years to great effect. In the UK, it might surprise people to hear that 15% of our population already use homeopathy and a further 80% have heard about it. Many people are not sure what makes it different from other medical systems. The week aims to get people to have a better understanding. A [...]

Assessing Human Health – Correlation Of Autoimmune Diseases With Chemically Suppressed Acute Infections Of Patient’s Past Medical History

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S. Kivellos  and G. Vithoulkas According to Prof. G. Vithoulkas’ theory of  “Levels of Health”, patients are classified into different levels of health. The criteria used for this classification are based on the immune responses of the body to different disease agents and treatments. It has been observed that sometimes after an acute disease, an autoimmune disease emerges, which has a direct relation to the acute and also to the medications used in the case. Such a reaction usually is attributed to the side effects of the medication. After such an emergence of a chronic auto-immune disease, the organism stops developing acute infections, that were manifesting regularly in the past. The fact for instance that an organism does not develop any acute diseases, can be interpreted in two ways: a) the body is very healthy or, b) the body cannot manifest an acute disease due to a compromised immune system. In this study is examined the ability of the organism to maintain a high fever in acute conditions as a protector of later development of autoimmune conditions. Consequently, there is a need to scientifically approach the fact that the treatment of acute diseases can lead in two opposite directions: it can either bring about a [...]

SILICEA (Sil.) – سیلیشیا – سیلیکا – سلیشیا – Keynotes Derived from Homeopathic Materia Medica VIVA

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  SILICEA (Sil.) - سیلیشیا - سیلیکا - سلیشیا   CHILLY BUT PERSPIRES, SENSITIVE, REFINED   MENTAL SENSITIVE, REFINED, TIMID, yielding, reserved but obstinate. Prostration of mind. Lack of mental stamina. Difficult concentration. Weakness of memory for mental labor. Fear of literary work. Dread of work. Timidity appearing in public. Fear that their mind won’t be able to withstand the stress of appearing in public. Undertakes nothing due to fear he will fail. Fear of pointed objects, esp. INJECTIONS, PINS.   PHYSICAL Develops tumors, fibromas, breast cysts, swollen glands, warts which are usually hard. Caries of bones and spine. Scoliosis. Curvatures. Hip joint disease. SENSITIVE TO COLD. General aggravation when becoming cold, esp. the head or feet. > wrapping up or covering. Tendency to take cold. PERSPIRATION - offensive acrid esp. feet. CONSTIPATION, stool is hard, rectal muscles inactive. Stool RECEDES. Nails are brittle, white spots on nails. Ingrowing toenails. Stricture, inflammation of lachrymal duct. Sensation of hair on the tongue. Unhealthy tendency to suppuration. Discharges cheesy, offensive, purulent, thick. Headache with violent and stitching pains. Headache when head or feet get cold, from cold air, from becoming cold> wrapping up or binding up the head. Pain in the forehead associated [...]

SEPIA (Sep.) – سیپیا – Keynotes Derived from Homeopathic Materia Medica VIVA

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  SEPIA (Sep.) - سیپیا   The word to describe Sepia is stagnation. The emotions are still and stagnant. There is indifference and detachment which lead to the characteristic aversion to coition, the irritability towards the husband and the aversion to the family. The physical exertion and dancing seem to stimulate the patient. The leucorrhoea and the aversion to sex are the main characteristics on the physical level.   STAGNATION OF EMOTIONS, AVERSION TO COITION, DETACHEMENT   MENTAL STILLNESS of emotions and mind, DETACHED. INDIFFERENCE to loved ones. Aversion to company, ameliorated when alone. Aversion to husband, to members of family, to going out. Great sadness and weeping <consolation. Life has no joy. Feels stimulation and amelioration through DANCING, PHYSICAL EXERTION, fast walking. Anger and irritability <after coition, consolation, exertion, when spoken to. Spiteful, malicious, critical of others. Happy during thunders and lightning. Fear of poverty.   PHYSICAL Affects venous circulation and female pelvic organs. LEUCORRHOEA esp. in young girls. DIMINISHED SEXUAL DESIRE. AVERSION TO COITION. Pain in vagina during coition. Dryness of vagina. Prolapsus of uterus, pressure and bearing down sensation, as if everything would protrude from pelvis <standing, > crossing legs. Ball sensation in inner parts. Crack in [...]

SELENIUM (Sel.) – سلینیم – Keynotes Derived from Homeopathic Materia Medica VIVA

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  SELENIUM (Sel.) - سلینیم   IMPOTENCY, PROSTATE AFFECTIONS WITH EMISSION OF SEMEN DURING STOOL   MENTAL Mental prostration, confusion, irritability esp. after emissions. Weakness of memory, cannot concentrate. Dreads work. Aversion to company and intimate friends. Lascivious but impotent. Dipsomania before menses.   PHYSICAL Prostate affections. Inflammation, induration, swelling, enlargement of prostate esp. senile. EMISSION OF PROSTATIC FLUID OR SEMEN DURING STOOL, during walking or sitting, during sleep. Dribbling of urine after stool and urine. Prematurely old - specific parts of the body seem old (e.g. sexual organs, thighs). Falling of hair from different parts of the body (genitalia, eye, head). Weakness is often sudden and is worse after emissions, in warmth, heat, warm weather, exertion, coition, after fever. Sexual dreams with nocturnal emissions, wakes from the dream with incomplete erection. Constipation with difficult, unsatisfactory stool and ineffectual urging. During the night he thinks of business of the day.   MODALITIES AGG.: emissions, tea, alcohol, heat, sun, drafts, lemonade, salt, sweets. AMEL.: half-asleep, standing, wine, haemorrhages. DES.: alcohol esp. before menses, coffee. AVERS.: salt.