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It has been almost two years since the first COVID 19 case was reported.

If you happened to be one of those who was adversely affected by this virus and were left in need of a treatment right away yet were not able to find any, you should rightfully be asking this question: 

After all what is Health and Healing and is it really that difficult to achieve?

Looking back at 2021 or the years before that, how will we define what good health is to us?

Is it eating all the right foods?

Is it frequenting the gym every day? 

Is it losing all that extra weight? 

Is it having access to palliative treatments by the best doctors and top hospitals available which deemed unsuccessful at an alarming rate when they were needed the most …? 

Or Is it just the mere state of being better than before versus being truly cured? 

Bringing us to the next question, what is TRUE CURE? Does it really exist? 

What is the nature of TRUE HEALING

Is it just palliative treatments that make you physically symptom free on one level as your body manifests a suffering on a deeper level?

When the pandemic struck the entire world, forcing lockdowns and socially distancing people for fear of spreading infection, what stood out as a sore thumb was the entire medical faculty’s inability to cure or even figure out a treatment for the infection caused by the virus. Resulting in huge numbers of deaths or complications arising especially amongst people with comorbidities, and that constitutes the majority of the population. 

Yet it was during this time of dire need, that Homeopathy came for rescue, successfully helping those who were aware of this curative therapy. Homeopaths all over the world were seeing patients in droves when they were sent back from hospitals or were being quarantined to face whatever might come of their ailment! What a massive failure the medical institutions were! Although it very conveniently provided the center stage and the perfect backdrop for the gentle, unassuming and the conscientious homeopathic healer to show his mastery of his art showcasing his understanding of health and healing.

The fact that you find yourself here today, reading this article might point to the fact that you happen to be one of those individuals, who considers him / herself an INDIVIDUAL seeking CHANGE, an individual who sees him/herself as a “WHOLE” interdependent on all that surrounds them, an individual who has arrived at the answers and now wants to learn more and develop towards not just becoming better superficially but maintaining their “Healthy State” on all levels, an individual who has finally realized his/her ability to heal with the slightest possible intervention with results that last! 

Slightest Possible Intervention, a worthy trait found in the science of Classical Homeopathy well established almost two centuries ago, is unfortunately still an anomaly to the mind of today’s allopathic physicians and patients alike, who rely solely on disease causing drugs to be the source of cure hence the gentle and rapidly curing, art of homeopathy is like a myth, a tall tale  a form of quackery in their opinion.

Yet what remains to be true is the conversion of these skeptics from ridiculing this mode of healing to embracing it once they witness the results and experience it firsthand. That statement also stands true for the founding fathers of Homeopathy who were practicing physicians of their times, looking to truly heal their patients and they did overcome the stagnancy of the medical field by truly understanding and being guided by the principles of nature.

So, the one who opens up their heart and mind to this therapeutic science does not have a very hard time noticing the difference between allopathy and homeopathy!

The realized soul finally finds out what TRUE HEALTH AND HEALING is, and he knows a profound way to achieve it! 

He knows that the DISEASE is nothing other than a state of disarray caused by man’s own susceptibility to morbific external influences and physically intervening into the body surgically or with poisonous drugs only causes more problems, because man is a whole and needs treatment as a whole! 

It’s crucial at this point of historic importance to finally realize the scope of health, and Classical Homeopathy provides it’s practitioner and patient with it! 

Let similars be cured (treated) by similars-“Similia Similibus Curentur.

The importance of understanding similars, like cures like, every action deems an equal and opposite reaction, the laws of attraction, The laws and principles of NATURE are at the core of homeopathic philosophy. It is simple, yet it’s intricacy is so vast, that a lifetime isn’t enough to fully grasp it. 

The dynamic nature of human beings and all that surrounds us, our dependency on a healthy environment that generates positivity in order to inculcate positivity in ourselves is vital. 

Beings, formed of energy, we constantly are either diffusing positive or negative energy from our Aura or absorbing it from our surroundings.

Our healthy state when disturbed by external stimuli, is converted to one that is dis-eased. This state is the sole cause of infliction not only upon us but also all that constitutes our habitat. Adding to it the incessant usage of drugs in their crude forms further deteriorates the health of the human being not only on the personal level but for his generations to come!

So the best and the most accurate way to cure the ailing individual according to the principles and laws of therapeutics is to match his/her essential totality of symptoms to the core of the potentized remedy which is made of ingredients found in nature. The only and essential difference from the conventional allopathic treatment being, the dosage and the potency of the crude form of the medicine, which in homeopathy is the minimum possible, to bring about just the right amount of stimulus to the susceptible state of the individual in order for it to heal. 

This simple philosophy based on science, mathematics and art has for centuries been used in traditions in one form or another, yet in today’s ultra-scientific era it remains under scrutiny only to serve the purposes of those who intend to make money of off the alternative chemical laden allopathic treatments, which once administered in such high doses leave the poor individual poisoned and in a state of havoc, many times irrecoverably so. This is also a sure shot way to shove the patient into a never-ending cycle of being in a state of vital depravity always unable to revive it’s healthy vitality!

Such prescribing was deemed ineffective decades ago by medical professors and physicians alike:

The famous professor at Harvard, Dr. Oliver Wendell Holmes,  wittily said: “If all the drugs in the world were dumped into the sea, it would be better for mankind and the worse for the fishes.”

​The famous internist and founding father of Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Dr William Osler, writing in 1901 said: 

He is the best physician who knows the worthlessness of most medicine.

Thomas Cabot, of Harvard, in his notable address before the Boston Homœopathic Medical Society, said:

I doubt if you gentlemen realize how large a proportion of our patients are treated without any drugs at all, and how little faith we have today in the curative power of drugs.

Yet more than a century later we see more and more drugs being pedaled to the masses to the detriment of their entire system being assaulted and damaged!

​Yet why does this ray of undying hope remain? Despite all the setbacks faced by humanity as a whole how is it that we keep on moving forward by hook or crook?

This phenomena of life generating more life, the power of regeneration and resetting if disturbed is what gives us reason to plan, to hope, to have faith and achieve the unexpected, the impossible, with our intuitiveness. The masses, despite being constantly herded into the direction the controllers of society might want them to steer in, have inadvertently been given the choice to choose and gain knowledge on their own terms. It has always been necessary in order to gain knowledge of any sort, one has to educate themselves. When it comes to our health it is no different, for health remains a vast subject that means different things to different people yet it is the treasure everyone’s seeking… 

So, beginning this year, are you ready to break away from the existing molds and learn something new, something truly exciting and groundbreaking? 

For your health is yours to decide for, how you approach it is your personal choice..

Dr Hussain Kaisrani, being a successful Homeopathic practitioner for the past 15 years provides the much required information on achieving true health, through sharing his experiences with everyone indiscriminately, for all to judge and asses in order to help one find a solution if one has been seeking tirelessly. 

With one of many of his articles, his interactions with suffering individuals, a list of successfully solved cases and numerous testimonials on his website, he hopes for the best for all who come across his work, his passion, which has been a quest to help people achieve the best possible results in order for them to transform their approach towards health, life and healing through Classical Homeopathy.

And because of an extremely pleasurable and fulfilling learning experience of more than a decade his hopes soar high with positivity! 

At the present, homeopathy grows with slow progress amid the abundance of weeds which luxuriate about it. It grows unobserved, from an unlikely acorn into a little plant. Soon may its head be seen overtopping the tall weeds. Be patient – it is striking its roots deep into the earth. It is strengthening itself unperceived; but all the more certainly in its own time it will increase, until it becomes an oak of God, whose arms stretch that the suffering children of men may be revived under its beneficent shadow.



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