My story of ailments is highly complicated, very ambiguous and too much confusing so I am not going into its detail. It’s beyond the understanding because no doctor even I myself couldn’t know what is happening inside me. It’s only my present healer, Dr Hussain Kaisrani, who not only listens and understands my problems rather presents the clear picture of my sufferings if I am not in the position to explain the condition. He is of its own kind Psychologist, Psychotherapist and Homeopathic Doctor.

Being a science student and PhD researcher in China, my mindset was that, that the Homeopathic medicine is less research base and more a myth. But, one of my friend who himself is a renowned scientist and PhD doctor convinced me to contact a Homeopathic doctor Hussain Kaisrani.

He shared his story with me that once he was completely out of his life. He was hopeless as doctors from Pakistan and abroad couldn’t resolve his issues after being hospitalised and treated for many months. He informed me that he got treatment from Doctor Kaisrani and now fully back in his life. He is now enjoying medicine free, happy, healthy and highly successful life.

Upon his strong recommendations, I somehow prepared myself to contact the doctor. I informed him about all of my problems. My problems are so much and too many that one can write a PhD thesis on it. One day, I will get perfectly fine In Sha Allah and then I will share all the problems which I have been facing since ages.

At present, I want to share an experience of my long lasting physical problem and its unbelievably amazing speedy recovery. Acne and pimples problem around the nose was a serious botheration for me – physically as well as emotionally. I have gotten its treatment from the most popular skin specialist of my area, Mardan KPK. He told me that it is because of my oily skin. He prescribed me a Pain killer, an antibiotic and Melas Skincare cream. Meaning 3 different medicines for one disease. I was stuck with that and using these three medicines since then. When I started Dr Hussain’s treatment, I never discussed this skin problem because I considered that he will not understand this problem and homeopathy may not be having any solution of it.

After two years of use of allopathic medicines, I got tired of this acne as I have shown in first picture, I shared a picture of my nose area to Doctor Kaisrani. He prescribed me a homeopathic medicine Tubercullinum 3 times in short interval of time.

I took the first tablet and after only one hour, the severe itching finished as I never had it before. I clearly had a inner feeling that it is being healed nicely. I took the second tablet and went into very sound and peaceful sleep. When I got up in the morning and I saw myself in the mirror, the acne, pimple and permanent redness around the nose was completely gone – Al Hamd o Lillah. I don’t know that this great impact is due to my overall treatment or only taking these two tablets. It is really beyond of my scientific mind’s understanding and expectations.

I am too much surprised how come that great, immediate and speedy recovery was possible. I always heard and generally everyone considers that homeopathy medicine and homeopathic treatment work in years. The result I myself witnessed is so amazing and wonderful that I couldn’t control my super feelings so sharing with the readers of Dr Kaisrani’s blog.

The second picture shows the result only after eight hours and taking two tablets. It’s going wonderfully fine after four days.

I am very much grateful to Hussain Kaisrani.

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