Baryta sulphurica – The Soul of Remedies by Dr Rajan Sankaran

Baryta sulphurica is a mineral remedy. The main feeling of Baryta sulphurica is: “I am scorned/insulted by the person I am so totally dependent on (since I am handicapped)”.

The compensated Baryta sulphurica person is self-dependent and makes a lot of effort to be respected. It is a combination of dependability and dignity. The patients are industrious, dependable and dignified people. A man with these qualities will reach a high position.

The problem starts when Baryta sulphurica comes into a new environment with new people around him. There is a tremendous fear of being alone or going out alone. He cannot mix easily. He feels that people will laugh at him, and since he is easily offended or insulted he cannot form deep friendships. He feels that others avoid him, he feels neglected and weeps and broods about it. His memory is weak. There is also aversion to work, loss of will and weeping. The dreams are anxious and frightful.

Physical symptoms
– Cannot bear hunger.
– Craving: salt, sour, pickles.

– Anxiety.
– Cowardice.
– Fear, conversation of.
– Fear, people of, anthropophobia.
– Timidity, bashful.
– Will, loss of.



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