CANNABIS INDICA (Cann-i.) – کینابس انڈیکا


Usually these patients have a history of cannabis abuse or they can be so sensitive to cannabis that they can get ailments even after slight use.  It activates (quick mind, many ideas, loquacity, theorizing) but also confuses the mind (gullible, no critical thinking, no discrimination) reaching to even delusional states. The clarity of mental faculties is affected for many years after stopping the use of cannabis. However, we should remember that the abuse of cannabis can produce the picture of any remedy if the symptoms match.





DELUSIONS: time passes too slowly, a few seconds seem ages.

Objects or distances are enlarged, he’s out of the body etc. Sensation that single limbs are floating.

FEAR OF INSANITY, OF LOSING SELF-CONTROL. Panic attacks, with fear of death.

LOQUACITY. Theorizing. 

CONFUSION. Fast mind with abundant ideas. Inability to recall any thought or event on account of other thoughts intrude and crowd around each other in his brain.

Very forgetful: forgets words while speaking; begins a sentence, forgets what he’s about to say, for what has just thought; thoughts are vanishing while speaking, writing, reading.

Laughs immoderately and involuntary at trifles, at every word that is said. 

Always asking questions.



Internal jerking, internal pulsation.

Sexual desire increased, violent.

Back pain on laughing.

Headache, as if head is opening and shutting.

Burning thirst and ravenous appetite.



DES.: sweets.