COLOCYNTHIS (Coloc.)  – کالوسنتھس





EXTREMELY IRRITABLE, becomes ANGRY when QUESTIONED. Throws things away.

Ailments after anger with indignation. Ailments after mortification.

Aversion to company even of intimate friends. Indisposed to talk, aversion to answer. 



Used in acute affections of the DIGESTIVE TRACT & INTESTINES, with long lasting action on NERVES. Pains appear in the larger nerves.

AILMENTS AFTER VEXATION OR ANGER (stomach pain, diarrhoea, cough, suppressed menses).

PAIN IN ABDOMEN or STOMACH: cramping, cutting, tearing, like electric shock darting through the anus. > BY BENDING DOUBLE, lying on abdomen, pressure and warmth.

Cramping pain in umbilicus > bending forward.

Great remedy for babies with colics /cramps.

Back pain and headache get worse when lying on back.

Shooting pains extending down to sciatic nerve < left.



AGG.: lying on painless side, cold (becoming, air, drinks, food), fruit, after eating, motion, potatoes, lying on back.

AMEL.: DRAWING UP THE LOWER LIMBS, pressure, warm applications or bed, lying on painful side.

DES.: cold food and drinks without thirst, bread, beer.