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CUPRUM METALLICUM (Cupr.) – کیوپرم میٹ Keynotes Derived from Homeopathic Materia Medica VIVA


CUPRUM METALLICUM (Cupr.) – کیوپرم میٹ


In Cuprum, cramps are the main characteristic in all levels. The emotions are cramped, not released although they are passionate and sexual people. They hold back and then we see total frigidity. They don’t allow themselves to feel so the intense feelings that they have are suppressed and end up to convulsions or cramps. On the physical level we see that again suppression of  skin eruptions or discharges lead to cramps or even convulsions.





CRAMPED EMOTIONS. Passionate people who don’t express themselves.

Intense feelings that end up to convulsions or cramps. The least emotions can induce a cramp. 

Makes grimaces (like a facial cramp- as if they want to hide things).

Shrieking before convulsions.

Weeping during perspiration.



SEVERE CRAMPS, mainly in LOWER LIMBS, calves and soles, making the person shriek from pain.

CONVULSIONS with CLENCHED THUMBS, cyanotic face and bluish lips.

Convulsive constriction of chest.

Convulsions when eruptions fail to break out, from suppressed eruptions.

Convulsions from vexation.

Convulsions begin in fingers and toes, and spreading over entire body.

Involuntary urination during convulsions.

Ailments from suppressed eruptions; suppression of foot sweat resulting in brain affections, spasms, convulsions, vomiting.

Spasms of face.

Copper taste in the mouth.

Grayish discoloration of face. There’s something unhealthy on their skin.

Paralysis of tongue; difficult, stammering speech.



AGG.: mental exertion, vomiting.

AMEL.: perspiration.

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