Recently, I presented here a case of homeopathic treatment of hoarseness which went very successful. The lady suffering from hoarseness persuaded her husband (Mr GA) to consider homeopathy for his issues like Hay Fever / Pollen Allergy.

Mr GA – 48 years age – is a professional accountant in East London. Before moving to UK, he worked on high positions in health department of Punjab Government so has vast relations with senior doctors. Tried his level best to find out a proper solution of his problem. The final advise from each consultant was to take anti-allergy pills as per requirement. After discussing the matter with many consultants he concluded that there is no other solution of his problem but to use anti-allergy drugs.
The weather condition in the UK was compelling him to increase the intake of anti allergy tablets. Further more, he was facing side effects like dizziness and dullness. He was also aware that this is only a management of problem not the treatment. Quality of life was seriously disturbed as there was irritation, disturbance and bad mood along with constant sneezing, bland watery discharge from both the nose and eyes. High aversion to noise and conversation was witnessed. There was no significant temperature noticed when his case was taken.
After taking the anti allergy tablet, he used to get relief from sneezing and watery discharge. The feeling of irritation, bad mood and dullness was not being managed even after taking anti allergy.
On March 23, 2016 at 7PM, Mr GA visited me for consultation. It was his second day in Lahore when he developed continuous sneezing and watery discharge from nose and eyes. His feelings were slightly better when in open air. He was bit reluctant to take homeopathic medicine as he thought that it will take too much time to work IF it really works.
After taking complete history, I short listed two remedies — Allium Cepa and Natrum Muriaticum -which seemed best suitable considering the totality of Mr GA.
Though Natrum Muriaticum is not one of the main remedy for Hey Fever / Pollen Allergy type problems yet I preferred it on Allium Cepa for following reasons:
  1. It was covering the main symptoms of patient. Hay Fever or Pollen Allergy related symptoms are not always the same for every individual.
  2. It was the simplest selection. Biochemic remedies are always my first choice
  3. Biochemic remedies work amazingly nice if indicated.
  4. Frequent repetition is normal for all biochemic remedies including Natrum Muriaticum
  5. It is not a deep acting medicine if used in X
  6. Finally, I decided to treat the patient constitutionally

Single dose of Natrum Muriaticum 6X was provided to the patient at 7PM. It was a great surprise for him that a soothing affect started within minutes. He was provided 6 more doses to take only if problem remains there or starts again.

After an hour, he informed that his problem is fully cured. The feeling of wellness is simply amazing. He was advised not to take any further dose.
He had some commitments in Islamabad and was sure that problem would start there again.
On March 28, 2016 (late night) he responded to my message as following:
Bahria Homeopathic Clinic Hussain Kaisrani Qaisrani Safari Villas Bahria Town Lahore blog phone 03002000210 homoeopathic

Sir everything was 100 percent under control I did not take other tablets

His next appointment is due on April 06, 2016 before his departure to UK. He already has few tablets with him. It will be updated if any further change is noticed. Quite possibly, he will need Natrum Muriaticum or some Nosode (Psorinum) in high potency for complete and long term cure if he remained connected with homeopathy. But it will totally depend upon the symptoms and changes witnessed in his system.

UPDATE and Follow Up (April 06, 2016)
Mr GA updated that his problem is fully controlled which is still unbelievable for him. He traveled to Islamabad area and then to villages of Layyah side. He witnessed all the weather and climate changes yet he did not feel any problem. Due to too much change in diet and intake, he developed stomach problem for a day or so.

He still has few doses of Natrum Muriaticum 6x as he only took one dose. He is also provided one dose of Psorinum 200 to keep with him. If he informs about any further change in his health after reaching UK, will be shared here. Otherwise, his problem will be considered cured.
This is how a properly selected Homeopathic remedy works for acute problems – A speedy and gentle cure without any side affects.
Please feel free to contact if need a homeopathic treatment for you or your family.
Hussain Kaisrani is a Homeopathic Physician at Bahria Homeopathic Clinic Safari Villa, Bahria Town Lahore and could be contacted through email or phone for an appointment. ; 03002000210