Since from my childhood, I have facing many types of phobias and low self esteem which leads me to the HOCD (Homosexual Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). All these issues were disturbing my quality of life for last 12 years. I was hopeless and start living in the way I was but I have potential. I want to change myself because life is precious, because soon it going to be end and we have too much short time to enjoy it.

So I decided to start my treatment with MR HUSSAIN KAISRANI. In the beginning I didn’t give him response for about 1 month then after 1 month I used to talk and we started a treatment. Then things started going on better side gradually. Many ups and downs I have faced throughout these 3 months of treatment.

  1. For change you should have potential only you can change yourself medicines also help but your thinking your power of grabbing is the main thing
  2. Even I am not able to decide about my clothes which I need to wear but now ALHAMDULILLLAH I start taking decision of my life
  3. I didn’t went outside but now ALHAMDULILLAH I am not able to stay at home for more than 2 hours in a day
  4. Intrusive thinking which I still feels but in lesser way.
  5. I felt ashamed when talking with someone but now talk confidently ALHAMDULILLAH.
    And about HOCD I used to quote a verse of IQBAL
    Drains the tree dry of all it’s moisture

So it’s about your life is important didn’t waste even a single second look forward and go on the way you want.

Jazak ALLAH.


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