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Improving Confidence and Bringing Positive Changes in Approaches – Homeopathic Treatment – Feedback

AOA. Happy new year! May you and your family enjoy the best of the opportunities and success throughout the year!

Yesterday night I learnt to say “no”. once again, I started to implement.
An idea flashed to my mind, why should I compromise? It is not my fault, then why should I sacrifice?
One should suffer the burden of his shortcomings by hims.


I am happy to read about your NO

Thank you! I think it is the real change in my approach.

“واضح تبدیلی”

It is, for sure, a SIGNIFICANT CHANGE as you kept sacrificing throughout your life only in trying to make others happy. Never succeeded in it but destroyed your health.

Exactly! You are right. It was due to faulty approach. Although, I had realised it. I had changed my way of thinking also. But I could not implement this change practically. When I realised my fault I was not in a position to take stand. I needed support more than before. That’s why I couldn’t manage to come out of this trouble. I needed more strength and confidence, that became possible through medication.

Lets hope that you get further advantages of this treatment this year.

In shaa Allah!

Hussain Kaisrani – Psychotherapist & Homeopathic Consutlatnt – Lahore Pakistan. Phone 03002000210.

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