Started homeopathic treatment 3 months before. During all sittings with Dr hussain kaisrani issues were discussed in detail. Found him very helpful during all sessions. Basically treatment was regarding two main issues which were problematic from last few years but has been recovered in a very good way.

This includes overestimating different things and events and this was more specifically with certain events of pressure. This issue has been resolved.

And other thing lack of concentration, which is now improved. No more giving attention to irrelevant things; as small and sudden noises are not irritating. Also an improved temperament regarding daily routine work. Respond to general events is fast and improved. No more foggy mind, more alert.

Physical issues that has been addressed and resolved less than three month

  1. No more frequently disturbing headaches.
  2. Change in temperature is not causing any body ache.
  3. Also during traveling no fever like feeling and headache.
  4. When wake up feel fresh and energetic.
  5. Confusion and dual mindedness is no more.
  6. Sleeping cycle is improved very much.
  7. No more neck stiffness.
  8. No issue of sweating.
  9. Different sudden noises are not problematic.

In addition to above mentioned issue something’s have been improved positively includes

  • Feeling positive change in stomach as well as thirst and appetite.
  • No more issue with heighty places (No fear and phobia of height).

This was to the point and positive feedback regarding Homeopathic Dr Hussain Kaisrani treatment.