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Deal of selling house, shifting, getting another house first on rent and then on ownership basis during the next two years brought me under another bout of emotional stress.

Ultimately, I was breaking up. Signs of physical distress in the form of shoulder pain emerged. Finally I was having complete frozen shoulder in June 2019. Pain in my shoulder used to be so immense that I couldn’t sleep for many nights. Again a rush to doctors started: physician, orthopedics etc. Everyone used different therapies including calcium, Vitamin D, Steroid injection. I was advised shoulder surgery. However, nothing appeared to be working. 

In the meanwhile, I thought of my homeopathic doctor friend Mr. Hussain Kaisrani. I had known him for some years in connection with property advice but he also ran a homeopathy clinic. Upon shifting to Bahria Town Lahore, I also started running a fever which couldn’t be dislocated for months even upon consuming course after course of antibiotics. However, as I approached him, I recovered from that fever upon taking just 2-3 doses of his medicine.

I approached him with this problem of mine and physiotherapy of my shoulder was also started. My frozen shoulder issue stands recovered upto 95% now. 

Apart from that, the following changes in my personality have taken place:

  1. My general fear / negative anticipation of another calamity befalling upon by me by Champions of piety has largely been overcome.
  2. Hurried feeling with uncontrolled fast paced mind and strained veins especially in the head has been overcome.
  3. I can look at situations more calmly and with greater confidence.
  4. 100% pessimism feeling has given way to some hope and optimism.
  5. I have stopped taking antidepressants for the last one year.
  6. Having run under the fear of ‘saving life like dear’ in front of a hungry wolf of Champions of piety, there’s now re-emergence of desire at this mature age of 47 to lead the rest of life tranquilly fulfilling my desires and aspirations.
  7. There’s an improvement in my demeanor to my family with I enjoying more with them
  8. I’m under less stress now dealing with uncomfortable professional situations and have generally started taking things lightly.
  9. Frozen shoulder reflected an overall problem of joints pain with twisted left foot being another symptom of it. Twisted foot issues stand resolved now.  
  10. General sense of confusion also stands improved.
  11. There’s a loss of power in the body as well along with frozen shoulder issues. This issue stands resolved by and large.
  12. There’re fewer episodes of anger outbursts now.
  13. My chronic uneasiness with driving car / bike stands reduced.
  14. Migraine headaches are under control now.
  15. Thirst / hunger were unbearable previously. The problem stands reduced now.
  16. There’s not been not a single episode of fever / cough etc. Previously, I used to have sore throat / fever every now and then. 
  17. There’s a determination now not to let trivial matters take hostage of my mood for long now and I have been able to keep it up.

So Kaisrani Sb! A person of excellence did it. Well done! Keep it up.

Thanks and regards….


Hussain Kaisrani – Psychotherapist & Homeopathic Consultant – Lahore Pakistan. Phone 03002000210

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Hussain Kaisrani

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