NUX VOMICA (Nux-v.) نکس وامیکا

The central idea in this remedy is the irritation of the nervous system. The individual is excited, impatient, quick to act and very irritable. It is often used in states of exhaustion from over-working, where the nervous system cannot tolerate the slightest stimulus. The noise, the light, the traffic, every little stress is intolerable. The irritability is found and is a leading characteristic during acute diseases.

On the physical level, this over excitability manifests in twitching, jerking, headaches but primarily in the sensitivity of the stomach.






Easily offended. May become violent. Sudden impulse to kill even for a slight offense. Sudden impulse to throw the child out of the window or into fire. Desires to kill the husband.


Increased ambition, competitive, industrious.

Jealous. Ailments from jealousy.

Fastidious, wants things in certain place

Oversensitive to external impressions: noise, music, odor, light.



STOMACH AFFECTIONS: gastritis, indigestion, duodenal ulcers, sensation of stone after eating.

CHILLY, easily susceptible to drafts <uncovering.

CONSTIPATION. Constipation from portal stasis. INEFFECTUAL URGING.

Urging to urinate with urging to stool.

Cystitis with frequent or constant urging which is ineffectual, only passes a few drops. Sudden urging to urinate, must hasten or urine will escape.

SLEEPLESSNESS from excitement, after mental strain, from thoughts.

Sleeplessness after 3 – 4 a.m.

Increased sexual desire.

Photophobia (esp. in morning).



AGG.: cold, drafts, undressing, touch, alcohol, coffee, tobacco.

AMEL.: warm (drinks, stove, bed, applications), lying, loosening the clothing.

DES.: stimulants, brandy, spices, fat, beer, earth/chalk/clay/lime, charcoal, highly seasoned food.


NUX VOMICA (Nux-v.) – Acute

Chilly and irritable.

KEYWORDS: irritable, chilly, aggravated from cold, ameliorated by warmth.

ONSET:  the manifestation of the complaints is sudden and intense.

FEVER / INFLUENZA:  violent chills and rigor aggravated from uncovering, from any exposure to cold, from motion. Fever with gastric complaints. Fever with pain in back, bones and extremities. Headache, heaviness of head. Thirst during fever. Burning eyes.

EAR: itching of eustachian tube which compels swallowing. Mucous or pus. Pain on swallowing. Ear pain extending to temples. One cheek red and the other pale during otitis.

NOSE: catarrh, sneezing in the morning in bed, on waking, after rising, after eating. Coryza with heat in face. Hay fever. Sinusitis with obstruction of nose  aggravated at night. Fluent catarrh during the day, dryness at night. Tickling especially on the right nostril. Excoriating coryza.

Aggravated in warm room and ameliorated in open air.

RESPIRATION: hay asthma, asthma with sneezing, dyspnoea with cough aggravated in cold air.

COUGH: cough on waking, before rising. Cough from irritation of air passages, from rawness of larynx.  Ameliorated by warm drinks, lying on side  and aggravated from uncovering, moving the chest, cold air, eating, lying on back, night until daybreak.

CHEST: pain, rawness in chest aggravated by lying on painful side, motion. Oppression, congestion of chest.  Stertorous, rattling respiration.

EYE: inflammation of inner canthi. Purulent discharge in canthi. Dryness of eyes. Itching ameliorated by rubbing. Photophobia. Lachrymation.

ABDOMEN: colic (renal colic, gall stone colic), intense pains with nausea, with chills which are ameliorated warmth.  Pain extending from kidney to thigh, to genitals. Swelling of liver. Diarrhoea aggravated from cold air in abdomen, cold food.

URINARY: tenesmus, constant urging but little urine is voided. Painful retention. Painful, ineffectual urging. Has to hurry to the toilet otherwise urine will escape. Involuntary urination on coughing. Pain in bladder before or during urination. Paralysis of bladder after over-distention. Cystitis with burning pain in kidneys. Dribbling urination.

STOMACH: ailments from anger, nausea with perspiration. Nausea in the morning in bed. Nausea with inability to vomit.  Aggravated by alcohol and ameliorated by lying.  Bitter or sour eructation.

VERTIGO: from loss of sleep. Vertigo at night waking him from sleep. Aggravated by alcohol.

TEETH: toothache, abscesses. Pain after dental work. Painful gums after extraction of teeth ameliorated by warm (drinks, food, applications, wrapping of head) and aggravated on inspiration.

PROSTATE: enlarged prostate with dribbling urination, painful retention of urine. Emission of prostatic fluid during stool.

VOMITING: vomiting with palpitation, after anger. Offensive vomiting.


MENTAL:  The patient is usually irritable. Ailments from anger or from exhaustion, mental exertion, loss of sleep.


Aggravation: any exposure to cold, alcohol.

Amelioration: warmth.