I’m a 25 year old housewife, spent all my life in Karachi, moved to Lahore after marriage. Root of my problem sprouted during 20th year of my life. I started noticing different changes in my body i.e. from gaining weight to irregularity in menstrual cycle to different skin allergies / infections. These changes affected my body as well as my mind. All this gradually made me Superstitious and an Overly Negative thinker which ultimately resulted in the development of anxiety, stress and depression. Now all these troublesome changes have turned into an extremely painful and embarrassing illness called “Piles” / Hemorrhoids / Bawaseer (بواسیر).

I’m having above mentioned condition since past two years for which I was taking homeopathy treatment. Since Piles was not a byproduct of my diet or unhealthy lifestyle only, symptomatic treatments failed to sustain a relief. Consequently my condition went bad during my pregnancy last year and further got worse after my delivery this year. My exact condition (either I am having recurrent fissures, hemorrhoids or both) is still unknown because I have never seen an allopathic doctor, hence no physical examination has done yet. I was prone to such diseases at some stage in my life because of heart and diabetes history in my family. Nature was giving me signs which I ignored and here I am getting my treatment from Doctor Hussain Kaisrani since past 2.5 months. My physical symptoms include, bleeding and severe pain in bowel movements, sharp shooting pains and burning after passage of stool, swelling and redness around anus, swollen skin tags at the opening of anus, infected episiotomy stitches and painful urination occasionally.

I never thought of going for a surgery, I was even reluctant to getting myself physically examined only. As I am a firm believer of homeopathy and all my life, I and my family did only homeopathic remedies for every minor or major illness, this was the only treatment alternative I thought to put myself into. I already had an idea how homeopathy works but after meeting Dr. Kaisrani, I got to know how classic homeopathy works. So we had a session in which we not only discussed my physical symptoms but he took my complete history which included my moods, temperament, lifestyle, habits, family history, etc. Some of my major symptoms which I was able to describe him were:

• Post Partum Depression.
• Phobias and fear of losing loved ones.
• Phobia of my husband’s or son’s Death (God Forbid), specifically accidental death.
• Panic in high speed driving.
• Over thinking (mostly negative).
• Being in a constant state of war between negative and positive thoughts.
• Cleanliness freak.
• Try to be perfectionist at everything and want others to function accordingly as well.
• Intellect affected badly.
• Lack of focus.
• Underestimate myself for everything in life.
• Inability to overcome hurdles or facing any tense situation without affecting nerves.
• Fears controls the mind, therefore control over body gets lost.
• Weak immunity / inability to fight any infections without getting proper / extensive treatment.
• Fatigue / lethargy.
• Lack of sleep / insomnia.
• Feeling of exhaustion even after long hours of sleep.
• Overly excessive use of technology.
• Keen tendency to search everything regarding the situation/feeling, medically, psychologically and from every perspective.
• Mood swings.
Unusual irritations (like; unable to write diary because cannot tolerate mistakes on a clean page, cannot focus on a certain thing or discussion if something is unorganized in sight, cannot sleep without systematize messed up stuff at house, cannot mix two things while eating because it is messy, easily lose focus from the main goal and start doing some irrelevant activity in between, etc).
• Intolerance to things which I don’t agree to or dishonesty.

However, all these things were not discussed or revealed in the very first session. Medications helped me overcome my depression and I eventually started noticing how my personality has been modified over the past few years. I got open in a few sessions and with every passing session I felt myself getting in a better state. My illness has not completely cured yet but every day comes with a stronger light of hope and I am feeling much better now. All thanks to Almighty Allah and Dr. Kaisrani. I pray to Allah that He gives shifa in his hands and this treatment bring about healing that leaves behind no ailment.