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SPONGIA TOSTA (Spong.) – سپونجیا ٹوسٹا – Keynotes Derived from Homeopathic Materia Medica VIVA


SPONGIA TOSTA (Spong.) – سپونجیا ٹوسٹا





Weeping during heat.

Frightened easily at night, startled from sleep. Fear on waking.

Weeping, suicidal disposition during perspiration.

Terrified anxious expression of face.

Irresistible desire to sing, followed by sadness.

Anxiety about the future. Tired, loathing of life. Fear of death.

Despondent about loss of sexual power.



DRYNESS OF MUCOUS MEMBRANES (nose, larynx, throat, mouth).

Dryness of air passages “DRY AS A HORN”.

Awakens in a fright and with dyspnoea, AS IF BREATHING THROUGH A SPONGE.

COUGH – dry, barking, rasping, whistling, “like a saw- driven through a pine board”.   > eating.

Heart: Combination of respiratory and heart problems. Alternating or concomitant states (dyspnoea during pain in hear, during rheumatism of heart, during palpitation).

Pain in heart < lying with the head low, >lying on right side.

Heat of face after motion.

Throat pain <sweets.

Rushing of blood to legs.

Glands are easily affected, indurations.



AGG.: motion, cold (becoming, air, wind, weather, entering a cold place) sleep after, exertion, undressing.

AMEL: warm food and drinks, loosening clothing, wet weather, lying, eating.


SPONGIA TOSTA (Spong.) سپونجیا – Acute (Hussain Kaisrani) 

Respiratory and heart problems. Dry, spasmodic cough.

RESPIRATION: bronchitis, laryngitis, asthma, croup.

Dryness of mucous membranes and air passages (nose, larynx, throat, mouth). Cough is dry “as a horn”, barking, rasping, whistling, “like a saw driven through a pine board”.  Cough from irritation in larynx. Painful chest. Congestion of chest.

Dyspnoea. The patient wakes in fright with dyspnoea, as if breathing through a sponge. Constriction in larynx on going to sleep.

Respiratory complaints are aggravated from cold drinks, lying, change of temperature, eating sweets.  

Ameliorated byeating (esp. warm foods) and drinking (esp. warm drinks).  

THROAT: sore throat aggravated by sweets, by uncovering. Tickling. Constriction of throat. Dryness.

HEART: combination of respiratory and heart problems. Alternating or concomitant states: dyspnoea during pain in heart, during rheumatism of heart, during palpitation.

Pain in heart aggravated when lying with the head low. Chest pain ameliorated when lying on right side. The patient wakes after midnight frightened with palpitations and dyspnoea.


GENERALITIES: indurations of glands.

MALE: epididymitis, orchitis with pain and swelling of testes.


Aggravation: motion, cold (becoming, air, wind, weather, entering a cold place), after sleep, exertion, undressing, sweetmeats, sugar.

Amelioration: warm food and drinks, eating, loosening clothing, wet weather, lying, sugar. 

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