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SULPHUR (Sulph.) – سلفر – Keynotes Derived from Homeopathic Materia Medica VIVA


SULPHUR (Sulph.) – سلفر

Sulphur produces such a huge variety of symptoms that it is difficult to find one word to describe it. However we can say that there are some characteristic tendencies that run through the remedy. The redness, burning, congestion, aggravation from warmth and offensiveness are very characteristic traits of Sulphur.

On the mental level we see the selfishness and criticism in most cases.

The desire for fat and the heat on soles are confirmatory symptoms.





Philosophical, intellectual type: reclusive, looking for truth behind things. Theorizing.

Practical type: over enthusiasm, practical idealist, social, extroverted. Hopeful dreamers.


Lazy. Untidy. Aversion, dread of bathing. Indifferent about his appearance, dirty, smelling but at the same time easily disgusted.

Fear and vertigo in high places. Fear of contamination, infection.

Nervous temperament, hurried and irritable.



BURNING PAINS AND SENSATIONS. CONGESTIONS OF SINGLE PARTS, head, face, ovaries, uterus, genitalia, nose, eyes, rectum, liver. All orifices of the body are very red.

Constant heat on vertex. Burning soles at night. UNCOVERS FEET.

Burning pain in foot but sole to cold touch.

Offensive odor of body in spite of washing. Aversion to odors of others, loves his own.

Weak empty feeling in stomach 11a.m. > eating.

Diarrhœa, driving out of bed early in the morning.

Conjunctivitis with burning pain, itching and pain as from “sand in the eyes” > cold applications, cold bathing.



AGG.: warm (wraps, room, bed, air, becoming, touching warm things), bathing, standing, evening, night, left side.

AMEL.: motion of affected part, motion, cold, lying (also on right side), rubbing.

DES.: SWEETS, FAT, cold drinks, highly seasoned food, raw, spices, alcohol.

AVERS.: EGGS, sour, fish, olives, chicken, strong cheese.


SULPHUR (Sulph.) – سلفر Acute (Hussain Kaisrani)

All kinds of acute conditions where there is burning, congestion, heat, thirst and aggravation from warmth. 


TEMPERATURE: warm-blooded (although sometimes we see chilly patients). Heat of soles with a tendency to uncover the feet. Heat of head (vertex).

ODOR: the perspiration or the discharges are offensive.

APPEARANCE: the affected areas are red and burning. The lips, the eyes, the ears can be redder than usual.

PAINS: burning pains that are ameliorated by cold applications.

EYES: conjunctivitis or hay fever with itching, burning and redness of eye. Ameliorated by cold applications and rubbing and aggravated from heat

Agglutination in the morning. Sensation/pain as if sand (or a foreign body) were in the eye. Acrid, purulent discharges. Photophobia.

RESPIRATORY: cough which is aggravated at night (waking the patient), by warmth (warm room, becoming warm) and ameliorated outdoors.   Cough ends in sneezing.

CHEST: Weakness on talking. Congestion, oppression, constriction, sensation of coldness, pain in chest during pneumonia. Pain on coughing. Aggravated left side.

THROAT: tonsillitis with white tongue, swollen and red tonsils. Swollen submaxillary glands. Enlarged uvula. Offensive mouth. Pains ameliorated by cold drinks and aggravated by warm drinks.

URINARY: cystitis with sudden urging to urinate, has to hurry or urine escapes. Itching of urethra. Burning pain in urethra during urination. Offensive, acrid, hot urine.

FEVER/INFLUENZA: hot feet (uncovers them).  We can also see hot head with cold feet, perspiration (esp. at cervical region), cold sensation up the back, burning/smarting pain in eyes, thirst.  Offensiveness in perspiration or stool during influenza.

EAR: offensive/ excoriating discharges, redness of lips and/or external ear, itching in ear, perspiration in cervical region. Pain aggravated by warmth (warm applications, room, bed), on lying in bed, from noise, left side.

PROSTATE: prostatitis with emission of prostatic fluid after or during stool or urination. Fullness in rectum. The urination is difficult (dysuria). Feeble stream, dribbling urination.

Pain in prostate and back. Burning pain in prostate. Painful ejaculation. 

GASTROINTESTINAL: offensive diarrhoea in the morning, driving the patient out of bed. Burning pain in rectum. Aggravated on standing. Offensive stool often accompanies acute conditions.

THIRST/CRAVINGS: desires sweets. increased thirst esp. for cold drinks.

MENTAL PICTURE: the patient may present dirty with an aversion to be washed.


Aggravation: warm (bed, room, drinks, applications), standing.

Amelioration: cold applications, cold drinks, lying. 

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