Understanding Homeopathic Treatment and the problems faced by the Homeopathic Doctor – Hussain Kaisrani

Many of us are ‘born tired’. We don’t like to work! Laziness, selfishness and an ‘easy conscience’ are responsible for more Homœopathic sins and shortcomings than anything else, for good Homœopathic prescribing means work!
[The Genius of Homeopathy]
​As many of you most likely will not know, but a Homeopathic treatment is hard work, and the true art of Homeopathy requires for it’s practitioner to be one who is not only conscientious of his patient’s health needs but he also has to keep himself free of all prejudice at all times in order to properly follow his code of conduct during the treatment process.
Hahnemann says:
This individualizing examination of a case of disease… demands of the physician nothing but freedom from prejudice and sound senses, attention in observing and fidelity in tracing the picture of the disease.
The dedicated homeopath is the first requirement of a classical homeopathic treatment, on the other hand , for the homeopathist to achieve this objective of curing the patient, it is his requirement for his patient to be well educated and of a balanced temperament in order for the treatment to be successful.
Let’s discuss this point a bit further…
Let’s say if the homeopathist does not own the required expertise to heal his patient while the patient also happens to be hasty and not well versed about this treatment process, the result from such a combination will undoubtedly cause further complications to the case and/or a total failure.
Now if the homeopath has the expertise to understand and manage the case yet the patient does not have the capability to grasp and understand his homeopath’s methods, then too, will both the parties face innumerable problems.
Neither will you find a knowledgable person entrust himself to a below par physician.
The respected reader should keep in mind here, “Knowledgeable” here does not necessarily mean “Highly Educated” for you will find many who may possess extensive educational degrees yet they are worse than the so-called ignorants when it comes to knowing health so you may come across those not possessing academic accolades yet having an innate sensibility of what is meant by health, healing and cure.
It’s the meeting of the two sound individuals, coming from their respective backgrounds, the experienced homeopath and the intelligent and well informed patient, which is needed for this unique form of healing process in order to achieve optimal results.
A dutiful homeopath, owing to his training in his field to always do what’s right and beneficial for his patient, fully understands the inability of the common man to comprehend homeopathy after having dealt with the allopathic form of treatment always, but the problems he has to face because of those discrepancies are real and an obstacle to overcome for him too.
Many will arrive at the doorstep of the homeopath with chronic health issues that could not be resolved by the conventional mode of therapies after having tried for years, some will arrive for something as simple as losing weight for a wedding, growing thicker hair in a matter of days, growing taller etc, yet not understand how for a homeopath it is nearly impossible to treat one thing and overlook another. These people will insist on doing just that when the healer will find out they have a myriad of other issues which need to be addressed, but for them those are negligible.
Some so-called educated persons will arrive with a totally devastated state of health smoking cigarettes, being on prescription drugs, living daily on unhealthy diets not suitable at all for consumption and still be wrongfully worried about the side effects that the homeopathic remedy will cause. When if these latter individuals had arrived for treatment after informing themselves of this gentle therapy, they need not be concerned of such an issue at all.
Then there will be those that will have spent thousands upon thousands of rupees on tests, diagnostics and irresolute treatments at their hospitals and clinics yet squabble and try to negotiate over fee structures at the homeopath’s.
For these people have never understood the true value of health, all they have been ever sold is palliative care that needs to be maintained with constant medication to the detriment of their vitality being completely exhausted beyond repair.
And for some wild reason these people will not hesitate to do such haggling with the homeopath who in their mind is not really doing anything worth paying so much for.
This article here does not intend to, in any form or manner, hurt anyone’s feelings. On the contrary it is being shared in all earnestness, in order for all to realise that if you find yourself exploring this avenue to achieve health, you have arrived at the right place but for you to acquire the most out of this process kindly show up equipped with a proper understanding of what a homeopath is truly doing for you.
And fortunately, owing to the principled  and responsible training of the expert Classical Homeopath, he none the less keeps his doors open for all to benefit from. In this age of online transactions as the most convenient form of engagement, we have made our services available to those that are even thousands of miles away. Offering free consultations for the first time patients, we leave it to up to the patient’s discretion if they’d like to continue with a procedural treatment process that may take up to several months at hand until it is resolved depending on the intricacy of the case.
Although acute issues can be dealt with right away successfully but that quick fix is not what you show up at your homeopath’s for. Because for your healer you are a whole, all aspects of you as an individual are extremely important for your homeopath to understand and assess on all levels of mental, emotional and physical health. He cannot treat one symptom while overlooking others like a regular doctor at the hospital would. The regular allopathic model is a very generalised way of treatment where one size fits all, that is if one drug treats acne then that drug will be prescribed to all indiscriminately, the same is true for blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol you name it. It’s never the patient being treated but it’s the disease.
When your homeopath looks at you as an individual coming from a unique background with a unique set of needs possessing your own peculiarities and tendencies, his knowledge of his field enables him to assess you just as one who is not like any other.
This finer way of looking at the individual’s health and healing is what he has excelled at and now brings that experience to the patient at hand to take advantage of. He opens up a world of possibilities for you which you had never imagined of before, for that is the true scope of homeopathy if followed according to it’s true principles of CURE!
Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results!
So if you are satisfied with palliative care that does nothing but suppress symptoms without fully understanding the cause, then homeopathy is not for you.
For a Classical Homeopath’s first and foremost responsibility is towards healing his patient on the whole and he cannot compromise on that principle in any case.
For him to tell you that your dust allergy, your acne problem or your fixation on getting results overnight for something as menial as that can be resolved by itself without taking everything else into account, would be against the his code and sound practice of Homeopathy.
And due to those reasons he deems it better to turn away many a patients from his door than to offer them short term solutions for health issues and further disrupt their health.
You cannot substitute the right method for a wrong one, which will make him a cripple for life.
The suppression of the disease, as usually tried, cannot be thought of by the sincere and earnest homoeopath. If he wants it checked suddenly, let him go somewhere else, but warn him what will take place, and that he will have untold disease and suffering. (Kent, J. T; Lectures on Materia Medica. Chapter Thuja occidentalis.)


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