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CAUSTICUM (Caust.) – کاسٹیکم Keynotes Derived from Homeopathic Materia Medica VIVA


CAUSTICUM (Caust.) – کاسٹیکم


The Causticum people are sensitive and easily affected by the environment. They develop very strong feelings about the suffering of others (especially the social suffering rather than the physical like Phosphorus). They get so angry with injustice that they can become activists, anarchists or even violent. The neurological system is mostly affected on this remedy.





SYMPATHETIC. CANNOT SUPPORT INJUSTICE. Strong sense of justice. Idealists. They rebel against authority, they are exhilarated with politics. Can become anarchists or fanatics.

Sympathetic towards animals. They cannot see an animal suffering.

Oversensitive when hearing of cruelties.

Ailments from long lasting grief and sorrow.

Stammering < excitement, vexation.

Weeping at trifles, spasmodic.



The nervous system is weak, in excitable state and predisposed to diseases.

GRADUAL PARALYSIS, paralysis of SINGLE PARTS, esp. of right side.

Paralysis with numbness of left side.

Facial paralysis esp. one-sided, after getting wet, after riding in the wind.

INVOLUNTARY URINATION when coughing, sneezing, blowing the nose due to the weakness of the sphincter of the urethra.

Sudden LOSS OF VOICE (HOARSENESS) due to the paralysis of the vocal cords, from overuse, from singing.

Sensation in throat as if there is mucus which he must swallow. Constant disposition to swallow and to hawk. Ineffectual hawking. 

Pain as if the place is RAW.

Constipation: stool passes better when person is standing; hæmorrhoids prevent stool.

Ailments from suppressed eruptions, from anger or vexation.



AGG.: dry, cold dry weather.

AMEL.: WET, warm wet weather, cold drinks.



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    Commented:  September 26, 2018 at 6:57 PM

    I’m suffering in thoroat ulcers and posts. Please suggest medecin. Thank you


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