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STRAMONIUM (Stram.) – سٹرامونیم – Keynotes Derived from Homeopathic Materia Medica VIVA


STRAMONIUM (Stram.) – سٹرامونیم

In Stramonium the words to remember are aggressiveness and violence. They can become so violent as to kill.

There is a dark element in these patients and it’s interesting here to mention the extreme fear of darkness. They have fear of tunnels, of closed or narrow places, of water, of shining surfaces.

These patients (esp. the children) can get into a Stramonium state after a frightening experience. They get terrible nightmares where they wake up in terror, with eyes wide open, but not recognizing anyone. They need some time to get out of the nightmare and come to their senses.

Their physical symptoms are also aggressive. Their convulsions are aggressive, their stammering is aggressive, the grimaces are aggressive.







Fear of shining objects, mirrors, brilliant objects, surface of water. Fear of VIOLENCE, of being injured. Anxiety, fear from the noise of running water.

Strong fears at night. Terror at night. Nightmares. Child wakes up in terror, with so vivid nightmare that knows no one around. Shrieking in sleep.

Wild look in the eyes. Desires light and company.

VIOLENT FITS OF ANGER, out of control. Mania, rage. They get destructive, malicious. Striking, biting, shrieking, cursing, breaking things, attacking others. Rage at sight of water.

Delirium wild, violent with open eyes, loquacity, desire to bite.



AILMENTS FROM FRIGHT (twitching, chorea, convulsions, cough, palpitations).

Violent STAMMERING. Has to exert himself long before uttering a word.

Vomiting as soon as he’s raising the head.

Heat, congestion of face with cold hands and feet. Congestion of head.

TWITCHING of foot, of single muscles or groups of muscles esp. upper part of body. Twitching of one side, paralysis of the other.

Painlessness of usually painful complaints.

Cough: barking, deep-sounding, sonorous, croupy. Jerking of lower limbs on coughing while sitting.

Spasmodic openness of eye. Protrusion of eye, brilliant, pupils are widely dilated.

Ailments from suppressed secretions and excretions, discharges, perspiration (convulsions, insanity).

Difficult, impossible swallowing.



AGG.: DARK, sleep after or during, bright objects, alcohol, cellars.

AMEL.: lying after, sun, vinegar.

DES.: sweets, sour.

AVERS.: water, cold drinks, milk.

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