A Solved Case of Tongue Biting, Toothache during eating and stomach Burning after meal – A Kalium Carbonicum Case

Mr MT, a professional, age 60 Years, from Lahore visited me on July 02, 2017. He was taking different Homeopathic and allopathic medicines since years. His problems were being managed but he wanted to get his peculiar symptoms addressed which were not being considered seriously by his consultants. He was highly disturbed by the jerking of his tongue soon after sleeping, Severe tongue biting during eating, toothache when eating, general tired and weakness feeling, habit of postponing his assigned tasks, Constipation, Heart burning / stomach burning soon after taking foods and bad smell from mouth.

Homeopathic Medicine KALI CARB 200 single dose was prescribed on July 02, 2017.

On July 30, 2017 his feedback received through email which is as follows:

Dear Sir,

As discussed, I am pleased to give below a list of symptoms relieved after taking Kali Carb 200 x 1 on 02-07-17 as a result of studying thoroughly in line with the guidelines provided by you:

  1. Sensitive to cold.
  2. General weakness and tired feelings.
  3. Dark yellowish / Greenish and thick sputum – difficult to discharge.
  4. Tongue bites (sometimes severe) while eating.
  5. Tooth ache while chewing food.
  6. Stomach burning after meals.
  7. Constipation, hard, thick  and long stool especially after taking “fefol”. I have now stopped taking zoleric to overcome this problem. Have also reduced other Allopathic medicines.
  8. Little bit working in standing position caused tiredness in lower part of legs.
  9. Using delayed tactics for postponing important jobs.
  10. Pain in lower-back of right lung (which expanded to left after long drives)
  11. General and eye-sight weakness after sexing.
  12. Thick yellowish fur on tongue. This started from backside and expanded to mid and front as sputum color darkened and quantity increased.
  13. Very bad smell from mouth.
  14. Dry mouth and tongue (without thirst) during sleep.
  15. Jerk on left side of tongue during initial sleep. Aggravated while sleeping on left side. This was often discussed with Medical and Heart specialists but they did not consider it a symptom.
Thanks a lot for your guidance. I now learned from you that accurately diagnosed medicine taken in proper potency will work in min. qty and will cover longer duration.
27 August 2017 – Mr MT visited my office today and informed that his symptoms relieved by taking Kali Carb 200 single dose are fully addressed.


Hussain Kaisrani – Classical Homeopathic Consultant, Lahore – Pakistan. Phone 03002000210
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1 year ago

If patients start getting better after only one dose of a remedy , and not just one of their problems ,but all problems are addressed by one remedy, now how would that benefit the pharmaceutical companies ! Hence this remains an obscure practice for centuries… and people suffer unfortunately and indefinitely trying to find a cure where they shall never find one…

Hussain Kaisrani

Hussain Kaisrani (aka Ahmad Hussain) is a distinguished Psychotherapist & Chief Consultant at Homeopathic Consultancy, Lahore, Learn More

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