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آٹزم اور ہومیوپیتھی سیریز — ارجنٹم نائٹریکم بچے — جسمانی، جذباتی، ذہنی اور نفسیاتی مسائل – حسین قیصرانی

Autism Series آٹزم اور ہومیوپیتھی ARGENTUM NITRICUM ارجنٹم نائٹریکم بچے – Children and Homeopathy – Hussain Kaisrani
Physical, Emotional, Psychological, Behavioral and Mental DIS-eases of Children
Hyper Active سخت غصیلے، جھگڑالو، بے صبرے۔
میٹھی چیزوں کے دیوانے۔ چٹ پٹے کے لئے ہر وقت تیار
جسمانی اور ذہنی بے قراری۔ ADD – ADHD
ہر کام اور معاملے میں جلدی – کھانے پینے، چلنے اور کہیں جانے میں بھی جلد بازی۔ معدہ خرابی اور ڈائریا کی ہسٹری۔
گرمی، انتظار کرنا اور اچانک کچھ ہونا عذاب لگتا ہے۔
ناخن، بال کٹوانا مصیبت۔ سر پر ٹوپی کپڑا برداشت نہیں۔
جرسی، سویٹر، ہائی نیک، ٹائی اور جرابوں سے تنگی۔
اونچائی، تنگ جگہ، بند ایریا، رش، لائن لگنے سے انگزائٹی۔
پابندی (STUCK FEELING) سے بہت الجھن اور انزائٹی۔

Hurried and Worried
WHAT IF Thoughts
Attention deficit disorder (ADD),
Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
ARGENTUM NITRICUM (Arg-n.) – ارجنٹم نائٹریکم – ارجنٹم نائیٹریکم
Impulsive people, they speak out in an impulsive way, they have the impulse to do things that they shouldn’t, that are dangerous (what will happen if I put my finger in the plug? how will it be falling from this bridge?). They have anxiety about their health, they have many fears, they are open and communicative. In that respect Arg-n. reminds the Phosphorus patient but the Arg-n. patient is more impulsive and warm blooded.
Extrovert, superstitious, impulsive with extreme anxiety about health and fears (resembles Phos.).
Fear of high place.
Fear of narrow places
Fear when anticipating an engagement.
Hurry, time, to arrive at appointed
Fear of failure
Diarrhoea from anxiety
Fear of falling, etc.
Whichever situation in life reminds Argentum nitricum of a trap, aggravates Argentum nitricum persons and they can act impulsively to get out of this trap. The expression they like to use often is: “There is no way out” or “I don’t see the way out”. Such situations could be:
Closed spaces.
High places: e.g. buildings on fire
Any place where the exit is blocke
Another situation is the stage. The patients are anxious to go on stage but when persuaded, they feel isolated and trapped. They feel as if they are alone and the exit is blocked.
IMPULSIVENESS. Impulse to jump from a height, to do dangerous things ex. putting the finger in the plug. Speak out in an impulsive way.
FEARS high places, crossing bridges, that high buildings will fall upon him, crowds, narrow/closed places, etc.
ANTICIPATORY ANXIETY leading to diarrhoea, frequent urination.
Ailments from anticipation.
Delusion, corners of houses project so that he fears he will run against them while walking in the street.
Delusion, deserted, forsaken.
Delusion, despised he is.
Delusion, place he cannot pass, certain.
Excitement, anticipating events, when.
Fear, crossing a bridge or place, of.
Anticipation, stage fright.
Fear, narrow places, in.
Fear, ordeals of.
Fear, self-control, of losing.
Fear, undertaking anything.
Fear, diarrhoea, from.
Fear, failure, of.
Fear, falling, of.
Fear, late, of being.
High places, aggravate.
Hurry, time, hurry to arrive, for appointed.
Hurry, walking, while.
Time passes too slowly, appears longer.
Undertakes nothing, lest he fail.
Anxiety, time is set, if a.
Suspense aggravates.
WARM BLOODED PATIENTS. Warm, sensation of heat, becoming heated aggravates.
DIARRHOEA related to anticipation, emotions, excitement, exalted imagination, mental exertion.
EATING SUGAR, drinking water. Retching of stomach, vomiting during diarrhoea.
Loud and violent eructation which ameliorate the diarrhoea and the stomach distension. Loud flatus eating sugar.
Abdomen distention accompanies most gastric ailments
Acute granular conjunctivitis in one spot, red, like raw beef with photophobia.
Sensation of a splinter in throat when swallowing.
Chilly when uncovered, yet aggravated if wrapped up.
AGG.: heat, SWEETS, excitement.
AMEL.: open air, cold applications.

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