Assalam o Alaikum Dr Kaisrani,

So even though I cannot believe it, it’s been one complete year of seeking your kind guidance regarding my health problems. The whole year was full of challenges regarding health and wellness but I want to pay my gratitude for managing everything so technically all along the way. Also, I want to take a moment to appreciate your efforts in this tough journey of one year. I had so many problems in physical, mental and emotional sphere which were not usual and definitely not easy to manage. I adore your treatment approach a lot because you give respect not only to patient but also to family.

I still remember how sciatica pain of my mother kept bothering me and affecting my health and wellness indirectly. She became your regular patient, got rid of problem for most part and my repeated visit to emergencies, physiotherapists and other consultants became almost zero within few months. Thanks to you for that too because it really affected me so badly for months and months. Thanks to Allah, Homeopathy and thanks to you for your sincere efforts.

Personally, I experienced and explored so many aspects of consultant-client relationship because of rapidly changing symptoms (which were of course due to my rapidly changing circumstances). There were times when I needed cure and then there were times when I needed only situational or emergency based treatment and you managed both of them equally well and with matchless expertise and approach. After understanding the whole picture, you always used to come up with solution. One more amazing thing was instant availability, willingness to understand and readiness to help in times of need. Not giving up on patient when things apparently seem getting out of hands is a trait not many doctors posess.

In this whole year I contacted you so many times but never did I find lack of interest. Your effective communication, attentive listening, patience and tolerance during case taking never makes the patient feel that you are getting irritated. Another impressive thing was treating critical problems on priority basis without delay. I have experienced your dedication, commitment and concern not only for my health issues but also for my mother.

If I look back, the whole treatment approach had been incredibly awesome. Giving essential support in form of counselling as and when needed to your clients to take them out of situational crises, active follow ups and monitoring and having the flexibility to change (homeopathic) remedy when it no longer serves any purpose to the patient …. these were all the things which kept the treatment always moving forward, no matter what the situation used to be. Another impressive thing was the idea of integrated patient care which involved shared decision making (giving respect and regard to client’s opinion about his/her issues) and that too with observing all the requirements of ethical practice. Treatment plans are always tailored to individual patient needs instead of using hard and fast cocktail therapies. This individualized approach addresses problems of patients according to their own personal traits, habits, like and dislikes in general and promises more effective and lasting outcome.

I want to pay my deepest gratitude at the end of this difficult year even though I am still at the loss of words because I feel so overwhelmed that I think “thank you” is such an inadequate and small word for everything that you have done for me this whole year. “Thank you” cannot do justice to it. God bless you for EVERYTHING and especially for being there, my dear Dr. Hussain Kaisrani.