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Review and Feedback of First Month’s Homeopathic Treatment by Hussain Kaisrani (Miss AA KHAN)

When I decided to start my homeopathic treatment, Sir Hussain Kaisrani discussed all the issues in detail on phone. My major issue was loss of appetite or inability to feel any need of eating. Right after two days of starting medicine, my appetite improved markedly and one morning I surprised myself by having breakfast at 5 AM because I felt so hungry (I never thought to eat at this time, even if I was hungry). Now a days my appetite is not very good but I can keep on eating after short intervals.

My second major issue was waking up tired and unrefreshed in the morning (even if I used to wake up around 1 pm, I still used to feel sleep deprived). Sleep was always restless due to same, repetitive, disturbing nightmares which I was having from years and years (may be that was the reason I used to wake up un-refreshed everyday). My sleep was improved on 9th July (I still remember date and time because I never slept like that ever before), It was of short duration but it was like the carefree sleep of a little kid. I wish I could sleep like that one more time. After that my sleep cycle improved significantly. Now I wake up really fresh every morning. The frequency of bothersome dreams have reduced significantly (although I still have them occasionally).

My third major issue and concern was getting rid of my previous allopathic medicines (antidepressants) safely which I took those for almost 11 YEARS). I was expecting some side effects of leaving medicine (like I might have to go through 7- 8 very difficult days and I was mentally prepared for it because I had seen worse). BUT to my surprise, nothing happened. I still cannot believe that I had ONLY one anxiety attack and that too, for only few minutes. It settled down very smoothly due to my sir Hussain Kaisrani guidance and homeopathic medicine. I am not sure it is the magic of homeopathic medicines or merely by talking to him, the issue resolves instantly. Sir Hussain stood by me through this tough time. You will never find any doctor, any psychiatrist or any psychologist who will ensure his 24/7 availability.

It was like my problem of getting rid of antidepressants was a lot bigger concern for my consultant Sir Hussain Kaisrani than it was for me. He himself feels the pain of his patient and may be that is exactly why the medicine works really quickly. He listens to all the minor (You may say silly and stupid) issues with huge concern. He pays attention to those things for which you can be easily mocked and ridiculed if you tell those to other people.

Personally, I think it was quite justified if a medicine used for 11 years disturbs you for 2 weeks (which is supposed to be a standard time for appearance of both effects and side effects of antidepressant medicines in allopathy) but thanks to Allah, sir Hussain Kaisrani and Homeopathy that didn’t happen at all, NOT AT ALL. This was my foremost concern (to get rid of antidepressants / allopathy medicines) but i never imagined that happening “without side effects”.

These were my few issues which got addressed at start.

Only few minor issues are present now but that are physical, but physical issues are not a big deal for me. Physically, I still have issue of burning soles (which has reduced significantly) and dullness of mind (that too will get addressed soon In Sha Allah).

Apart from these, few interesting positive changes that I felt during this month were quite surprising for me. Most important of them was “normal feelings” which were almost gone. The ability to feel happiness and sadness / grief. Like during the moments of happiness my mind used to dwell on negative things (like going to market, like rain because both of these were serious disturbing to me). The phobia related to weather has not completely settled yet but it is manageable and GOING TO MARKET IS NOT ISSUE ANYMORE.

Before my treatment with Doctor Hussain Kaisrani Homeopathic Consultancy, I was unable to feel sadness / grief / emotional pain not even the legit sadness (For example, I didn’t feel grief on the death of close relative and kept on behaving normal, although behaving normal was NOT NORMAL). Some years ago, I used to feel TOO MUCH EMOTIONAL PAIN (like I used to give up on eating, sleeping on hearing news of somebody’s death). Again, that too was not normal. Now I am able to feel pain of other people but in a balanced lever which I think is positive. My emotions of pain and happiness are getting balanced.

Another positive change that I experienced and is kind of strange and impossible for me. Soon after starting treatment, I developed aversion to tea. Before Homeopathic treatment I used to have tea all the time (craving for tea) and if by any chance, I missed my morning tea I used to feel laziness and fatigue all day long. All of a sudden I, kind of, started hating tea and now it’s been more than 20 days that I didn’t take tea (I tried it only once and that too unwillingly). The craving for tea has totally diminished. AMAZING!


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