I am writing it again to monitor my progress, to pay tribute to your constant efforts and in a hope that it will help somebody someday.


  1. I feel great about my treatment and progress
  2. I am very satisfied with the course of events and management as a whole
  3. I feel VERY (I repeat very) hopeful about becoming well
  4. I feel A LOT of difference if I compare my current situation to day 1


Physical problems 

My physical problems have improved a lot. Initially I had palpitations, dizziness, lethargy, weakness, numbness, sleep deprivation, nausea, vomiting, headaches, and fatigue. Of all these currently I am left with tremors on and off and they are settled for last two days. Even in the days when I have those SOS medicines address them nicely.

~ Regarding sleep issues: it turned out to be HUGE success. Alhumdu Lillah!

In month, I slept fine for more than 20 days (20 days of normal sleep for a person like me is literally a miracle) and as for rest of days, I had disturbed sleep for 7-8 days and I had sleepless nights only on two occasions. Yet again huge achievement – Beyond my expectations.

~ Nightmares are addressed upto 100% – and for a person who wakes up in the middle of two or three times screaming and yelling even falling from bed it can only be a dream to have nightmare free sleep. Totally addressed and settled.

~ Leucorrhea (settled up to 90%)

Rest of symptoms keep on coming and going but only occasionally and they are satisfactorily addressed. None of physical symptom is bothersome right now.

Setback: I had episodes of diarrhea 2 times in this month, but it settled without any intervention and I didn’t have to go to doctor.

As I said earlier, I am not 100% symptom free but whenever any symptom came, it was addressed on priority basis with huge concern.


  1. I used to compulsively clean a lot every day and it was a persistent problem since I do not even remember how long
  2. I had very fastidious behaviour pattern. In one month of treatment, guidance and medications I have achieved following (while it might not sound like an achievement to many people, only I know what these things mean to me)
  3. I have been permanently confined to my room for most of the time in past. I was stuck in such a way that I was unable to study outside. I felt very uncomfortable out of my sphere but in last month I tried to break this cycle and studied on terrace on two occasions (big achievement for me)
  4. 5 – 6 days I managed to study with door of my room open (u can totally understand how confined I was that I was unable to concentrate with the door open)
  5. General annoyance reduced markedly (although it keeps on coming back but it doesn’t impair my activities anymore)
  6. Anxiety has always been my huge problem. I still have a lot of anxiety because I have a constant stressor (upcoming exam) but with some effort and again with support I somehow manage it in minimal time.
  7. Repeated thoughts have improved although not completely settled but marked difference than initial stage
  8. General thoughts of loss and grief are also better though not completely
  9. Concentration in studies has improved
  10. Overall restlessness keeps on coming and going but not paralyzing like before
  11. Sometimes I feel really really good instead of monotonous gloomy pattern
  12. Motivation improved
  13. For 4-5 days, I didn’t do compulsive cleaning and I was not obsessed with orderliness not completely addressed but yet again monotony of years and years broken (very glad about it)
  14. I haven’t cried in so long even though I felt sad, grieved or down. I felt like crying many times this month and on 1-2 occasions I actually managed crying like normal people (happy about it, made me feel relieved for a while)
  15. Frequency, intensity and duration of panic attacks decreased



I have been avoiding social events and people for over six months now, but during the past one month:

~ I visited my childhood best friend and managed well during whole meeting

~ Went out with my solely for the sake of outing and eating

~ Tried to give a try to go for shopping

~ Didn’t avoid the guests at home, managed well with them as well

~ Generally, interpersonal relationship and interactions improved markedly with parents and siblings

~ Try to answer calls and texts

~ Learnt expression of emotions in a good manner (I am a very inhibited person and don’t open up to anyone and bottle up emotions (even the good ones). Therefore, this month I learnt an expression about things that I don’t like (in a sense that when I don’t like something I should let the other person know instead of suffering in misery alone)

~ Tried to visit malls and had some new symptoms that are currently under treatment



This is the interesting part :p

I started developing cravings for the things that I rather hated my entire life. I felt so compelled to eat new things. It added variety to my diet. I had appetite issues for 6 months (although it wasn’t completely normal before 6 months too). I started liking dates, yogurt, ice creams, desserts, fruits (watermelon, mangoes), meetha paratha (yes, feel free to laugh) and many new things.

Most of the days I eat three meals. Even in remaining days, I manage to eat and maintain my intake. Therefore, appetite has a lot of improvement. Previously when I used to eat most of the days I used to vomit. In this whole month, I had vomiting only on 3 days.

I gained 1 kg after almost 9 years (yaaaaay) lol.



In this whole month, I was TAUGHT and guided about problem solving, asking for help, and not making the big deal out of petty issues.

I had many tasks pending which I got done. I am constantly being prepared for my upcoming abroad visit and other upcoming challenges very wisely and strategically.



Words can never comprehend the amount of respect and gratitude that I have for my consultant (Hussain Kaisrani). I say this every time and I repeat it again that this part of treatment means EVERYTHING to me. The concern, patience, trust, confidentiality and consistency that you show is priceless. Addressing all the aspects (emotional, physical, mental and behavioural) with subtle details is beyond amazing. The constant support, instant availability in case of emergency, deterioration of symptoms and wisdom of addressing the issues is impressive (I mean it, since I, myself, am a doctor and know hundreds of doctors). Understanding the problem and trying to figure it out with utmost sincerity on the days where the patient is herself / himself unable to understand and putting best of efforts is not a thing that many doctors can practice so, double thumbs up. Alleviating somebody’s pain and setting somebody FREE is highest form of worship and no a human can ever repay for it. So I wish Allah bless u with everything u have ever wished for and abundance.

I will not stay THANK YOU because a simple THANK YOU is not going to suffice.

Stay very blessed!!

(Dr FA – The Young Medical Doctor)

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