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Back to LIFE within 2 months – Treatment by Hussain Kaisrani, Psychotherapist & Homeopathic Consultant – A feedback

Dear Dr. Hussain Kaisrani,

With your great efforts, I have overcome some of my highly disturbing issues regarding my health. Since November last year my health started getting worse.

I was in a very bad condition when I contacted you for homeopathic treatment after going through your successful cases on Internet.

Sir! I went to different doctors in Islamabad, in my own city Mirpur but couldn’t get positive result rather my physical and emotional health went even worse day by day.

Depression, anxiety, fears, phobias, stomachache, acidity, over sensitivity, irritation, anger, sleeplessness, Insomnia being too much emotional all the time, as if I am dreamy state of mind, desperately thinking that my life is going to finish very soon, I can’t be cured ever …. all the doctors said you are fine but I knew that I wasn’t. …. I was too much in frustration and hopelessness when I called you as a last resort.

You gave me full attention and listened to me and my problems for hours. During last two months I disturbed you many a time in the day and some time even in the midnight. You were always there to help and guide me. I just can’t imagine a doctor can do that much for his patient.

I got a new hope now. After 2 month’s Homeopathy treatment, I’m much better than before …. As you said I AM BACK IN LIFE.

These are the major problems which were nicely addressed within 2 months:

1- No fear of death as it was before.
2- Not too much emotional attacks.
3- Not cold hands and feet.
4- Not sweaty hand and feet as they were before.
5- I am able to make decision now.
6- Was nostalgic too much and crying all the time but I have good control upon me now.
7- Never went to allopathic doctor after starting Homeopathic treatment.
8- With your great help and regular support I was able to appear in my exams confidently.
9- No nightmares as before.



Hussain Kaisrani – Psychotherapist & Homeopathic Consultant, Lahore Pakistan. Phone 03002000210

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