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Homeopathic Medicine and Treatment of Cysts in the Breasts, Ear Discharge, Dust Allergy – A Case Study

(August 10, 2015)

Received following email from one of the patient from Islamabad, Pakistan who was cured through our online treatment system.

I’m sending you the details of my sister. She has been asking me for quite a time to ask you about her problems. Now she is suffering badly so I thought to ask for your kind suggestion.

  1. Since childhood she was an asthma patient. For that she took medicine at that time. No idea what kind of those were but she always consulted to best specialist doctors and use top level medicines.
  2. She has dust allergy.
  3. The main issue is of her ears. There is always swelling and fluid coming out of it. The colour of fluid is always green. It hurts a lot. She suffers high fever and pain in ears. First the ears look like full of fungus then it start discharging. She used to visit top homeopathic doctor and took medicine for two years but of no use. She got better when he did wash her ears with some soda like thing. After that she used to get relaxed for sometime. Lately, she has seen an ENT specialist but it also made no difference. The problem remained the same.
  4. She has some cysts in her breasts. She got her check up at Shaukat Khanum but they say these are totally harmless. But she says sometimes she feels pain in them.

That’s all I could remember. Because she has told me her history by Heart. Nothing written. Plz do ask me anything  you want to know. Thanks.

For a proper treatment, we needed further information to make the case clear. Following questions were asked through email:

I received your email but need further information to reach on some conclusion. 
  • Age
  • Emotional Symptoms if any
  • Appetite / Hunger
  • Thirst
  • When problems increase – weather or timing
  • When problems decrease – Weather, diet, time etc
  • Any skin problem now or in the past?
  • Smell of ear discharge if any
  • More about cyst in the breast
  • Her period system

The reply in email was received on August 12, 2015

1. Age 38.8
2. Hyper
3. Hunger thirst and taste is quite normal.
4. I have asked her about the cysts. She says these are four since first day. No division at all. All of them are in left breast. Now she feels one in right side as well. But that is too small at the moment. Equal to a grain of pulse.
5.There is no smell of discharge except when there is some fungus in the ear. Then there is some bad smell from the discharge. Otherwise it’s not smelly.
6. Periods are always on time and proper.
7. Sending you her photos you can see her skin problem in that.


August 15, 2015

Bacillinum 200 was prescribed considering ear problem, dust allergy, family history, ear discharge. As the patient is not in contact directly so emotional and mind symptoms are not clear. On some later stage she may need Carcin. 

September 20, 2015

The patient sent a message that she is improving significantly.


October 18, 2015

She informed that it is a clear recovery. She felt some physically problems but those were managed without taking any other medicine. 


November 14, 2015

She was caught by cough, flu and temperature as she exposed to cold weather. She was asked not to take any other medicine and let it manage by itself.


December 18, 2015

Following email was received by patient’s sister.

I have discussed with her about her present condition. She is very much satisfied of her treatment because she feels a clear recovery. So far her cysts are concerned that are reduced in size. One is hardly felt able. She says she doesn’t feel much pain in them now. Breasts cramps are there before her cycle. Regarding her ears problem it was more than fine. After her first dose she didn’t face any problem in her ears. But for last three weeks she was having it again. There was no discharge but it was blocked and painful. Today, she told me that it got better now.


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