12 11, 2006

Questionnaire or Case Taking Questions for Online Homeopathic Treatment

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You have come to Homeopathy and I am sure you shall get perfect remedy with Homeopathy as it treats the whole body and not a particular disease. Please answer the questions seriously. ======================================================== 1. Personal Details Name: Country: Age & Date of birth: Gender: Marital Status & No. of Children (if any): Height, Weight & Physical Description: Are you working and if so what do you do?: 2. Reason for consultancy: I would like to begin with you telling me in your own words what has brought you here today. Please be as general or specific as you wish. Expand these spaces with as much information as you can. If you prefer, you may answer the questions that follow and come back to this question later. The questions are designed to get what I need to understand about you. 3. Current Symptoms: Please try and describe all the current symptoms in your own words including if possible, the cause. To help you with your response, imagine that you are sitting in front of me and I ask, 'So what brings you here today?' When did the symptoms begin? Can you suggest some factors that helped create these symptoms? If this [...]

1 11, 2006

Homeopathic Remedy Natrum Muriaticum – The Essence of Materia Medica (George Vithoulkas)

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The primary characteristic underlying the Natrum mur. pathology is introversion arising out of a feeling of great vulnerability to emotional injury. Natrum mur. patients are emotionally very sensitive; they experience the emotional pain of others, and feel that any form of rejection, ridicule, humiliation or grief would be personally intolerable. Consequently, they create a wall of invulnerability, become enclosed in their own worlds, and prefer to maintain control over their circumstances. They avoid being hurt at all costs. People susceptible to developing the Natrum mur. type of pathology are emotionally sensitive and vulnerable, but quite clear and strong on mental and physical levels. Mentally, they have a high degree of objectivity and awareness, as well as a great sense of responsibility. For this reason, they are likely to be the sympathetic ear to which others turn when distressed. The emotional sensitivity and the sense of responsibility readily lead such people into fields of counseling, psychotherapy, the ministry etc. While listening sympathetically to someone else’s suffering, such people maintain their objectivity and appear to be very strong. They internally absorb the pain of others, however, and they dwell on it later; particularly, they wonder “How would I react in such a [...]

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