30 08, 2012

12 Homeopathic Clinical Case Stories

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A demonstration of how simple, classical homoeopathy works. The non-confusing, time honoured methodology. Test your skills with these 12 mini cases These are cases treated successfully by Dr. Banerjea in his slum clinics of India. The case stories are short and the emphasis is on quick prescribing through striking, singular (which are complete in themselves) symptoms. Please try to solve the cases and then check your answers below Perhaps you know that classical homoeopaths believe in understanding the materia medica and making a qualitative totality rather than quantitive! Hence I rarely use Repertory and my prescriptions are always based from my knowledge and understanding of materia medica. Short Case Story-1 This is an interesting case of a woman in her mid 40’s who developed oedema of the foot after her only daughter moved a long distance away after getting married. She feels very resentful about this and cannot cope with this reality. The only thing that is stimulating her is the strong coffee which she loves. She is a single Mum. She also suffers from extreme debility which is worse in the morning, in bed, even before getting up! She also suffers from extreme constipation. She was sitting in front [...]

30 08, 2012

Homeopathy for Holistic Child Development (Dr. M.A. Rajalakshmi)

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  The word holistic has been recently used to mean a number of different things including using a combination of different therapies. In homeopathy the quintessence of what holistic means is treating the individual as a whole and not just the different parts. Homeopathy looks at the root of the problem. If there is a behavioural issue the homeopath will first look at the circumstances that led to the behaviour. For example if the child has temper tantrums it may be due to a hypersensitivity to the environment or some internal discomfort. Addressing this with homeopathic treatment may help reduce the behaviour and also help the child respond better to behaviour therapy. Of course the homeopath will not just take a single symptom to treat to the exclusion of the other issues but will take a complete history and prescribe a constitutional remedy that will cover the entire symptom picture of the child. Homeopathy believes in individualization. This means that if there are two children with the same disorder they will receive entirely different remedies based on the symptom picture they present in addition to the common symptoms of the disorder. It is like finding the unique blueprint of each [...]

21 08, 2012

ہومیوپیتھک دوا ارجنٹم نائٹریکم: جارج وتھالکس

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تلخیص و ترجمہ ڈاکٹر بنارس خان اعوان، واہ کینٹ ڈاکٹر ملک مسعود یحیےٰ نائٹریٹ آف سلور ذہنی جذباتی علامات: * اپنی صحت کی بابت شدید پریشانی۔ موت کا خوف * مراق * دماغ مخصوص خیالات پر اڑجاتا ہے۔ ان پر قابو نہیں پاسکتا نہ ہی ان خیالات کو دماغ میں آنے سے روک سکتا ہے۔ * بلندیوں کا خوف۔ ہجوم کا خوف۔ پل کراس کرنے سے خوف * تنگ جگہوں کا خوف۔ بند جگہوں کا خوف * پیش بینی اضطراب اسہال کا پیش خیمہ ہوتا ہے * بار بار پیشاب * خارجی اشیاء سے دلچسپی کا رجحان * اپنے محسوسات دو ٹوک الفاظ میں بیان کرے جسمانی علامات: * آنکھوں کی دانہ دار سوزش۔ ایک جگہ پرقرمزی سرخ رنگ جیسے کہ خام گوشت * نگلتے وقت حلق میں کھپچی چُبھی ہونے کا احساس * زور دار ڈکار اور ریاح مشین گن کی مانند * ریاحی تکالیف کے ہمراہ شکم میں انتفاخ * شکر یا مصری کی بنی اشیاء کھانے کے بعد اسہال عمومیات: * مٹھائیوں کی خواہش۔ شکر، نمک کی خواہش * جب اوپر لیا ہوا کپڑا اتارے تو سردی محسوس ہو لیکن اگر کپڑا لپیٹ لے تو دم کشی ہو * گرمی سے اضافہ * مٹھائیوں سے اضافہ جھت: [...]

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